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Author Topic: Missing Fisherman last seen on Chehalis Road

Purchased gas at Agassiz on Chehalis road on Sept 3.

He has a 1990 Ford, Red and Silver F250 4x4 with a Beige Caribou Camper on it and a motorbike on a front rack.

Truck plate is 6099AH

He loves to take his zodiac boat out fishing.

My brother left on Sept 2, 2007 to go fishing. He did not return to work on Sept 10th. His favorite spots to camp & fish are the remote lakes near Harrison, Chehalis, Merritt or 100 mile. He has never missed a day of work and it is very out of his character to go missing. Being that he has a truck and a motorbike, I can only assume he must be hurt somewhere and can not drive either out of his situation. We need to find his truck and camper to help him. Is there anything that you can do or do you have any suggestions on what to do?


Dave Storoschuk Missing since Sept 10th 2007.

He is 44 years old, 61 tall, brown hair,

Blue eyes and mustache.

Can you help me?

Thank you,


Update from Sep 28:
Thank you so much. I do not have a picture of his truck and camper but the province finally wrote his story on page A28. We have looked everywhere to find a picture. The police came up with something close but not exactly and the wrong color, so I would hate for someone to look for it. I posted the info in the Cheyenne sports store in hope, hub sports in Abby, and checkpoint port moody, holeshot, sea to sky and west coast Polaris in Langley. Thanks for the great links, I will do that. It is nice to have great people like you that are willing to help. It has been over 24 days since he has gone, one can only hope... We found out today that he bought gas agassiz on Chehalis road on Sept 3. This leads me to believe he is up that way. He would have stopped to fill up before heading into the bush I would presume. Not being a fisherman enthusiast I do not know where the best fishing spots are right now. He went to fish and only would have went into the spots that are good.

Thanks again

any idea if the police searched to see where his credit or bank cards were last used. also does he have a cell phone as they give off blips occasionally to the servers as to say here i am if you need to forward a call. just a thought. will keep an eye out as we will be near merritt in a day or two. Ed

Update from September 29th:

Campsite found at Chehalis Lake

Hello, My cousins and My dad found the truck and camper on the south side of Chehalis lake. His boat is in the water and they can not find him. The RCMP were informed and now we just need to find him. Everything is at his camp but him. I am going to contact the search and rescue people now. Thank you for all you help. Please pass this on so they can take down my plea for help on any web that posted it. Thank you again


when i first read this my first instinct was chehalis lake, it is now quite remote because the acess was deactivated except for the back way thru mystery creek FSR. i only wish i could have stumbled on this sooner. was the boat found tied to shore or blown to shore? if it was tied to shore i beleive a dog search is the most effective method, an air search will be hard due to old growth forest. there are many bears and cougars in the area and he could have been either chased into the woods or treed either of which would be disorienting. keep up hope, let us know what happens.

Fishing forum > Missing Fisherman last seen on Chehalis Road


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