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Author Topic: This Forum Is Pathetic!...and this is why...

I dont understand why people on this forum, find it so hard to use it properly. It's simple, you use it to post, tips, directions, qustions and answers, technique, pictures, or even argue of fishing ethics if you choose. Granted some of us actually do try to use this site in civilized and mature manor, but some of you will be damned to let that happen, posting with your usual immaturity, and ignorance. So to all of you like that jackass Beak007, if your still not old enough to be able to show the slight bit of maturity it may take, to post a reasonably intelligent reply to one of the threads, why dont you go spend your time squawking on some teen chat line to get urself off. Because i can gaurentee your not impressing anyone here. If your not gunna post something with at least some relavance dont bother, beleive it or not there once was a time when this forum was useful. Thanks.

im sick adn tired off people whining stop complaining thats the one thing that sets beak 007 to do that. shoaley i have read people complain abotu this so much times its starting to piss me off.

Again, all your doing is fuelling the fire for those who use this as a place to take shots at eachother. I felt the need to post cause im not one to just let some hooligans ruin a potentially good thing. If this bothers you, dont read it, its a simple concept. If it was an isolated event on here id ignore it, but theres is rarely a post on here that isnt targeted by those who are mindless and ignorant!

beak 007 is looking for people to write this it obviousely makes him think he has attention. don't write about this nad ignor him. and this forum is not pathetic many of us are writing reports and fishing tips go read some and some of us write some pretty good stuff down.

Shoaley-the place needs more attention paid to Moderation. was as bad or worse now that there are more people Moderating it's improved a lot.

Anyone interested in stepping up to the plate?-contact the owner.
fisher 696

Welcome to the generation gap. It used to be that young men full of piss and vinegar would go out into the world and do their thing. They were accountable to those around them, piss somebody off and you were likely to get a cuff upside yer head,....lesson learned. Nowadays there is no accountability. In an anonymous setting such as the internet, these silly little boys can pretend to be men, or at least what THEY perceive to be men. They do this from the safety and security of their parents basement, somehow taking away a warm fuzzy feeling that they have done something brave by typing a few words. To me, all they do is re-affirm their stupidity through the complete butchery of the English language. If any of you want to be taken seriously learn to spell and form complete sentences. This forum is to be used to share fishing info, not for lonely,ignorant children to spew shyt all over the place.
The thing that bugs me the most is the lack of attention given to the site by the owners. The moderator( Doug aka "The Yak") has his hands tied by policy. He is unable to do much more than delete posts. I am sure he has better things to do with his time. By blocking troublesome posters, things would be better I'm sure. Until then, ignore the foolish brats, DO NOT RESPOND.....PERIOD...Take away a competing voice and they have little to say.
Hoping for tight lines and sore arms, Shane.

Folks, cmon...this site is definately worthwhile and has not gone to hell as some would have us believe. It does give great insights and information and I am appreciative I could find it as it helped me get my son his first fish last week, and has turned me onto some great spots to try out, that I otherwise would have missed.
Like has been said, the immature folks that rant and go on will always be there, just like the bad drivers and the ignorants that litter our beuatiful waters around BC.
It is our job to be as mature as possible, pitch in when needed, and ignore and turn the other cheek when required.
Don't get into pissin matches, it is hardly worth your while...
Enjoy this great site and this greater province!!

Fishing forum > This Forum Is Pathetic!...and this is why...


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