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Is this a typical thing you see at the hidden gems of lakes we have? While I thought Jones lake was gorgeous, I was disgusted in the amount of garbage left beachside from idiots.
I only say this because I want to ask everyone to be (a) diligent in cleaning up after themselves and (b) call a spade a spade when we see the garbage being left...if we can't do that, then at least pick it up for the morons that leave it...what a beautful lake Jones bad the shoreline looks like crap!!!
Let's keep our favorite places looking like what we expect when we get I wrong??

I was fishin and scouting Stave Lake area.I checked 5 or 6 lakes and more than 25 camp sites.EVERY single spot was a pig sty.I know there is a strike in Vancouver,but this is rediculous.

We were out fishing tonight at Yellow lake in Penticton. We had been there a few nights before that at the same spot. When we arrived tonight, we saw someone dumped an old bike and a mattress right off the dock????? Bunch of PIGS!!!

Well, I hafta say it starts with us!
While we don't do the actual dumping, we need to reconfirm in our kids minds that this is wrong,,,then we need to show them we are not above picking up. I know there are strikes and the such in Vancouver, but I have half a
truckload of garbage in my truck that will go to the dump when they open because me and my 4 year old picked it up... I am in the business of carrying extra garbage bags with me so I can pick up garbage when I see as opposed to ignoring...and I always let my son know that some people are not interested in keeping our province, two guys were comin out of Quizno's and dropped a serviette. they both stopped (cause they thought they drooped food) looked at it...then kept going.
I, of course pointed it out to them and after a couple mins hesitation, one of them went back and picked it up.
Call a spade when you see it, most folks will be embarrassed enough to do something about it I suspect...if they were raised properly that is.

Fishing forum > Garbage


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