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Hi All,
I was out with my son on Mon 03/09. Saw 2 pinks jump in about 3.5 hrs. Also saw bunch of sturgeon fisherpeople having fun with the great grey ones.
Went out with him again on Wed 05/09. Saw about 4 pinks jump in about the same duration of time. Also saw 2 Big Sturgeon tail splash 5 feet from my boat (I mean BIG!)
On Thurs 06/09. I was Trolling across to go pick up my buddy, when I hooked into my first one of the season. It broke water on me about 150 feet away and the duke was on.
I was still under power cause I had to pick up my buddy still, so faught and horsed it in with my Trusty Prized Possesioned 5'4" Shimano Graphite Spinrod Combo Ultralight with 5lb. fireline, 2ft. of 6lb. leader, and my (Pinks)go get'em lure. I got the fish to the broad side of my boat when it leaped again to show me it was a beautiful pink doe, then it went under my boat and headed for my motor. I was just about to kill the switch when I felt GGGH GGGGH GGGGh! And my fish was gone. UUUgh.... snapped at the hook leader was frayed....dummmy! I booted up to pick up my buddy and told him the story, he laughed. We drifted down river where I proceeded to hook two more within 200 ft.I was in the ZONE,(buddy said I was snaggin em), thanks bud! We drifted down to where everyone was anchored and where I hooked my first fish and anchored. While fishing JackAss Wakeboarder desides to bomb by in a 10kms zone leaving me a 2.5ft. wake for my 11in. transom. I have a special present for you next time, I will call it correctly cured.
Anyways where was I, oh, I got into one more under troll, this time I shut the motor down, duked it hard, got it in, it was a nice 4.5lb. buck.(nice fish,buddy wanted my lure). " It's getting dark and I have no nav. lights, so you can have my lure next time".(hehehe) My numbers (4 hooked, 2 to the boat, one landed).
Fri. 07/09. I'm going out with my daughter this time, buddy's gonna try to come out with his boat. We're booting across the Fraz. when sounder goes nuts 30',25',34',20',6', Dam transducer ripped off again, darnit I can only read depth when going dead slow, oh well. So I'm trolling with my Trusty Prized Possessioned when WHAM! I'm in again.
I reach around to the rod holder (still under troll) and grabed for my beautiful rod when flip fludder fumble, I DROPPED MY ROD!!!. And saw it swim away. I spun the boat around and tried to chase the fireline which I could barely see and then nothing.......I couldn't see anything but water......... We boated back to where everone was anchored and anchored ourselves, talked to a few people about fishing and told them that if they hooked into a fish and it has a lure and a fishing rod hooked up to it that the fishing rod is mine.. :} My daughter was sad cause she thought we couldn't fish anymore, so I pulled out my gorgeous 9'6" 6-7 weight ST. Croix fly rod/w yellow/green floating line/sinking tip with pretty pink backing(my daughter made me write that, she loves pink). We flyfished for a while and then switched to troll again with no results. I think the pink streamer I was using did not have enough weight. Should have trolled my (pinks) go get'em lure. But no... dummmy daddy can't hold rod(still kickin my self)didn't change up. Anyways it was getting dark and had to get back (no nav. lights). WoW busy at launch ramp, but beautiful evening.

Sat.08/09. High tide 17:59hr. Gonna Go Get'em!!

Cool story, If I find a rod on the end of a fish, I'll know who to contact!


Hey thanks for the positive feed back.

Fishing forum > My Pink Fish Story


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