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Recently I borrowed the videotape "In search of the ultimate lure", by Charlie White.
After I saw the recording I think that flossing is as possible as winning the lottery.
Now, can you guys explain to me what do you mean by flossing, so we wouldn't speak of different things?

Naww, not going there.
fisher 696

I think that anyone tackling this thread needs to be ready for the excrement to contact the rotating oscilator.

i went to walmart and i found the best ethical sockeye!!!
one 454 g can with $4.97
if they shut down fishing on fraser,some people are happy because, look, there is concern and care about environment!!! why didn't start the counting at the first of january? or last year after the last season! the salmon count shows up always after we buy the licenses and it is made to look like we determined such a low number!!!
the trailers took their part and now we have to keep the leftovers up!

On the other hand after I saw the videotape I uderstood exactly what happens durring bottom bouncing, and i am positive flossing is a myth. Looks like not to many people interested. Wel, anyway botom bouncers will do their thing (acording with dfo regulations), and trout fishermans don't like it because of the size of the catch.

fishernanoin im extremely interested in that video where it shows that the bottum bouncing system is fishing and not snagging , but i could not find the video so i cant upload it can you please tell us what it said in the video , i really really want to know , thanks

fishernanoin im extremely interested in that video where it shows that the bottum bouncing system is fishing and not snagging , but i could not find the video so i cant upload it can you please tell us what it said in the video , i really really want to know , thanks
Hook Set

I do not think flossing is a myth because last year a guy at the spot I was at was using just a hook(even though it is illigal I think) and was catching more then anyone else.

OK, I am a bit confused. From what I gather, people are defining flossing as "bottom bouncing a lure or hook to catch fish in the mouth?" If this is the case than is jig fishing for Salmon unethical and/or illegal? I have read a couple of articles that rave about the effectiveness of this technique - for example. Can someone shed some light on this? Am I out to lunch?
stink finger

the sockeye on the fraser are not biting and are always hooked in the same spot depending on what side of the river you fish.the term flossing comes from the way the linegoes in to the mouth teeth and slides until wham hook in the side of the does not matter what color or as someone stated no color at all.the only reason people use wool is to keep the hook off of the bottom and the wool sticks in the fishes teeth which allows an easy hook set.i have heard of some americans that fish this way in clear rivers in which steelhead actually far as i know they use it as a fast way to cover the water where there may be a few fish not as a way to slice thru a run filled with fish and hold on.flossing is what it is, flossing ,not fishing as we know it

The bottom bouncing rig: on the line you tie a 2-3 oz lead together with a 10 feet leader; on the leader you tie a #2 hook together with a small piece of yarn or a small drift bobber like spinglo, orange or green.
Because of the size of the leader and the floatability given by the yarn, the lure will drift somewhere between the waters.
The flossing story, it was made to explain a very interesting hooking in the mouth, when the hook enters the mouth from the outside, not from the inside to outside as usual.
This is what I was told: time to time the fish opens its mouth to breath, the leader gets into the fish mouth; as the fish closes the mouth the line gets between the teeth, then the line slides between the teeth (hence the name flossing) and the hook set in the mouth from the outside (and some other times from the inside).
Mr. Charlie White used a sub-aquatic camera to take pictures of salmon and other fish striking his lure. It is a very interesting documentary, and I enjoyed watching it.
The most of the shots are made under the ocean, and for the problem in discussion 2 thinks on the videotape are important:
1.While swimming, the salmon doesnt have to open its mouth to breath. The only time you see a salmon opening its mouth is when striking the lure. Probably the water goes through between the lips and through between the teeth. Only in slack water, motionless, it has to open and close the mouth like a carp or gold fish, to push the water through the gills. Thus, the flossing practically cant happen.
2. While a guy was fishing from the deck of the boat Mr. Charlie was watching the sub-aquatic camera. 42% of the strikes were undetected by the guy on the deck, because the salmon spited out the lure.
For sockeye swimming up the river this percentage must be greater, because doesnt feed anymore (or maybe a snack or two). It is aggressive like any other salmon, and hits everything that looks like roe. This is where the sockeye gets in trouble with the bottom-bouncing rig: the lure is almost weightless and the sockeye has a hard time to spit it out. Even if it spits the lure out, but on the opposite side from the fisherman, the lure comes back and hooks it from the outside.
It's a mere bite, not a flat accident.
And a final thought: instead of closing fishing, they can enforce the use of weedless fishing hooks; these hooks can't snag a fish.


The documentary was made while fishing in the ocean. Perhaps the salmon behavior is different in the river (as in, they open mouth to breath in rivers?

Anywhere we can find the video online (ie. free)?

I borrowed the videotape from Burnaby Public Library.
Coho Cody

your right. its a myth. lots of people use a single hook, no wool or anything. . it seems to work the best if people do that. hmm i guess they love those 2/0 nickel gammy's.

i never saw people fishing for sockeye with an empty hook and i don't know how you count them as many.
i recommend the videotape to anybody. it is awesome. now that you mentioned, one of the mr. Charlie's conclusions is that the salmon is more interested in the hook rather than the lure itself. it is attracted by the hook and many times bites only into the hook. mr. charlie thinks that the hook actually resembles the tail of a fish and this would generate this behaviour of the salmon.
i can tell you, watch the video.
and if you ever fish for pumpkinseed, dont bother to put anything on the hook. they bite any hook that is red, silver or golden.

I'm glad I broought some light on the issue of so called "flossing". I admit, bottom bouncing is the most muscular fishing method, but is very rewarding.
Well, this is it.

I'm positive no one wants to get into another flossing debate we all have our own opinions. Say what you will about yours but i don't think you will change anyone else's.

Well guys it is flossing thats why the long leaders the longer the better for flossing.

lol......I have seen fish flossed in a clear flowing river, it's the same every time line goes into the fishes mouth, and the bouncing betty keeps going pulling the hook into the side of the fishes mouth. In clear water you can see the fishes mouth constantly opening and closing. I think it might be from the fast flowing current?

sounds like somebodys got a crush on mr charlie? Good luck flossing with a # 2 hook.

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