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DFO decided to close the Fraser between Mission and Hope for fishing all species of salmon effective tonight at midnight. Here's the link if you don't believe me:

Thanks to all the flossers snagging sockeye (you're all a bunch of pricks!)

call me a prick but i hope it sticks around a few years the fish need a chance to rebound.
fish"n feind

it would be shitty but i`m with ya,but also with global warming and not enough ice caps to melt the salmon could be in trouble any way and salmon fishing on the fraser is`nt and wont be what it used to be

I agree that there are other elements besides flossers contributing to the dwindling numbers of returning sockeye (like global warming, native fishing nets). And I also agree that its a good thing to shut the Fraser down for a while to let the salmon populations have a chance to recover; it's seems that there is no other option.

ReelWrangler, you and all of the other flossers just don't get it! You (by You, I mean you and all the flossers) are part of the reason why the Upper Fraser is closed to all angling for salmon, just when 20 million Pinks are starting to enter the system. I hope you're proud of what you flossers have accomplished. If you read DFO's news release, it specifically says one of the major reasons for why its closing the river is because of sockeye getting snagged by flossers close to shore. Sockeye have roughly a 40% chance of survival after being caught and released. They are a very fragile/sensitive species. More often then not, they aren't very interested in any kind of presentation you could offer them when they are in the river; therefore the only way to catch them is by snagging/flossing them. What kind of challenge is that? Wouldn't you rather trick a fish into taking your presentation, as opposed to not even giving it a chance by snagging it? I now know what kind of fisherman you really are, the kind that doesn't have the skill to trick a fish into taking your bait/lure and that's why you floss, you're brutal!

What really gets me though ReelWrangler, is the fact that you say that you'd like to see the river closed for a while so the salmon populations can recover. Why, so that you (and all the other flossers) can floss for sockeye again and contribute to their ultimate extinction which would result in another river closure? Wouldn't we just end up back where we are today?

ReelWrangler, I used to think that you provided some great insight on this website; but now I've come to realize that you're just like the rest of the flossers: Clueless.

Hope you're all proud!
papa fro

I'm sure you don't go off like that down at the scale bar or any other bar for that matter---anonmynity is a great shield.
Does anyone ever stop to wonder why the American seine/trawl fleet or the Russin trawl, freezer factory ships slip so silently in and out of ports 'undetected' by local media, DFO, or current government regs regarding target species or by-catch processing??
You'd be amazed how much river socks could be 'flossed' into a 200ton trawl at 1 wrap every 12 hrs. For 6 months at a time!!Some Russians now have a 25,0000 ton deadwieght capacity after processing and freezing you lose half the fish weight but the bones and guts are rendered down and ground into fishmeal and fertilizer not always identifiable as a Adams River sock but as a percentage of salmon just the same. How about a trip over to Port Renfrew where just the other side of the Juan De Fuca Straight our American brethern are not experiencing any Sockeye shortages whatsoever in fact they never have or will as long as we keep blaming ooohh lets see OURSELVES...NATIVES....FLOSSERS.
Global warming does not mean global awareness. Before we start on each other why not start holding the big players to task and start releasing catch quotas from the above mentioned and more to the general public or better yet use our coast guard to board and report and tally deliveries.
Desperate times call for desperate measures and we have to act now!!!!

Krusty Bra, get your facts straight!! Where in the world did you find anything relating me to flossing? I have never flossed once in my life and have campaigned against flossing for years! In fact i havent even fished the fraser in 3 years!!! your credibility was just reduced to ZERO. you owe me an apology asshole, dont slag my name over completely false acusations.
fisher 696

From what I have read, it was a rise in ocean temperature that was the biggest contributer to the poor return as the smolts had little food to eat. The pinks did much better as they entered the ocean later than the sockeye and the ocean had cooled sufficiently to allow feeder fish to recover. As for flossing....well I think that the popularity has grown because it works. People no longer view fishing as a nice relaxing way to spend the day. Patience is used up dealing with all the yahoos and the prime objective is to harvest yer fish & get out of Dodge as soon as possible.Last year I followed the code of conduct....short leader..float.. etc. It was out 8 times before I landed a fish. To say I was frustrated would be an understatement. To see people around me using 15 foot leaders and hooking fish left right and center was enough to make me convert. If I am going to drive for an hour and spend 40$ in fuel, I want something to show for it at the end of the day. A fish for dinner. This year I followed the DFO request and went back to the old way with predictable results.....NO EFFING FISH in the freezer. LOTS of casting practice though...I think I could put a hook in a 5 gallon bucket from 100 ft. Compare this 2 a coupla buddies who went to Scale bar and over 3 trips put 100 pounds of red springs in their freezers. Play by the rules .....get nothing...go bottom bouncing catch fish......hmmm. I agree that we need to protect our stocks for the future, however the recreational sports fishers are the ones who support the fisheries programs through licensing fees. To close the river the way they have is unfortunate. I have a problem with the double standard regarding native fishing. If there is not enough fish to ensure a reasonable spawn and DFO wants to protect the future runs then NOBODY should be allowed in the river. We all can envision the shit storm that would be created by this move so it won't happen. A sockeye fillet is expected to increase in value by 2-3 times. Restaurants will be raising prices etc. Last year I know of people who bought their sox from the natives.10 bucks each. Welllllll it was 10 bucks for a can of coke & you got a free sockeye with it. Don't try to convince me that the natives need to fish for food. It is a way to make money. I know of 2 guys that bought 50 each. That's a thousand dollars!!!!! Tax free of course. I'm sure that there were many many more that I know nothing about. If the government wants to help the fish, compensate the natives for their lost food & let them go to Safeway like the rest of us. I am drifting topics and notice that I have been ranting a bit.OK a lot. I'll bring this to a close as my head is swimming and risk making no sense at opposed to the little sense so far.
PS please excuse the lack of breaks.

Think about this, the thousands of Socks taken by the recreational fishery is NOTHING compared to the commercial fishery, PERIOD!!!!
Want to know where the fish go....DUH, think about it.
If there is any closure to be had, it should be strickly the commercial fishery, and all other methods of mass harvest, OH no.. I caught a single sockeye on the end of my flossing line, or hey, I just pulled in hundreds and thousands with one pull of my net......are you people that dense, you can't see you're being sold out by the government. Believe me the amount of fish taken by recreational fisheries is nothing, I mean nothing, compared to the commercial sector, yes, not even flossing means that much in the grand scheme or larger picture of things. It may be seen as unethical, but definately not worse than the commercial harvesting of our salmon species
by nets for the profits made for a few.

RW doesn't floss, he just uses live bait when it is not allowed
fisher 696

I am in total agreement with you. Big ships = big catches. We need to protect OUR fish from those that are raping OUR oceans.


If you are not a flosser, then I definitely owe you an apology. In my initial post on this thread I said:

"Thanks to all the flossers snagging sockeye (you're all a bunch of pricks!)".

And then you replied: "call me a prick"

So, I assumed you considered yourself to be one of the "flosser pricks" that I was referring too. I aplogize if I offended you and I take back my comments about you being a flosser.

On another note, others have made some excellent points with regards to the commercial fishing industry playing a huge role in the depletion of our salmon stocks (especially foreign ships that fish just outside our 200km boundary).

There's a lot of factors at play here and it's too bad that its come to this point.

Looks like I need to save up for a nice boat and hang up the river fishing gear for a few years.

At least the Canucks are about to start training camp!

Have a nice day?? That was one of the most depressing reads I've had in a while, makes me so proud to pass this world onto my son...

i didnt clue into that krusty bra, i just knew ppl would be mad I said to keep it closed. beak fuck off, i do read the regulations BEFORE I GO FISHING

Beak007 sure lives up to his name it should be "beakoff007"!!

obviously flossing is frowned upon. i only know from what i've been told what to how to fish in a river. i've only caught a handful of fish from the river.i'm usually a lake person. i'm starting to wonder now iff what i've been told by these people is just a matter of 'oh, you'll get a fish for sure this way' or if the fish are actually going after it. could you give me the headsup what should be going on my line from reel to hook please. to avoid catching what i souldnt and to be effective in catching what i can. i have no boat. thanks
green guy

ok beefy guy here is the deal.

bottem bouncin' is with no float. your main line is tied to a bouncin' betty then you got a longggg leader anywhere from 5 to 20+ feet long.the lead skipps acros the bottem with the curent while your leader swings across the bottem and will inevitably "floss or snag" a fish in the mouth/head.make no mistake the fish do not bite.this is cheating and unethical by most peoples standers.

with a float your main line runs threw it (the float) with some lead just above your barrel swivel,to which your leader (arms legth or less) is then tied in.this method is the "real" way to fish. you can also chuck a spoon around too.

you can also use a bar rig but that is a totally different thing.also totally ethical.

clear as mud??

Are the Russians, Chinese, or Japanese trawling in our waters illegally (with our government ignoring it) or in international waters? It sounds like something the media could use to make a big news story.
the great Manchovy

All i can say is that i fish salmon for fun and to eat. I don't hunt my deer catch and release and i'll tell you that any salmon i catch in an open retention season are good as dead. The two sockeye i take each time i go fishin are a pretty small dent compared to the hundreds i watch the indians haul in and leave in the sun on the beach although it does make the sturgeon fishing better when they throw back the other dead fish or salmon that sat in the sun for too long. You want proof ... go to the old dump hole in lillooet and watch. As the afternoon goes on Two guys in a canoe get drunker and lazier and my sturgeon fishing gets better. I'm sorry that I'm white but the land supports my family too and I think you might agree that gill nets damage far outweighs a few people flossing for two fish a day. If you don't.. have fun living in your hungry self righteousness.

clear as day thanks.

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