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I am headed to Victoria this weekend and am looking for a good spot to do some freshwater fishing (fly and spin) [lake or river]. I do have hip waders, but no boat.

Anything within a 1 hour drive would be great.



Victoria fresh water fishing ain't that great, many smallies but try Elk Lake, Prospect Lake and Durance Lake using power bait.

If you want to shore fish for salmon your timing is perfect! You can catch pinks and coho off arbutus point but only if the bait fish are there and they usually show up after 4pm or at slack tide. Watch for seagulls out on the rip, if the birds are freakin then the bait fish are around. Use a med spin cast rig w/ a 3-4in spoon just heavy enough to cast and twich it back in and expect a hit close to the rocks.
bass master 99

there is the cowichan river up about an hour and a half(a bit far i know but it is worth the drive) or so north by duncan,last time i went there was camping about 5 years ago with friends and we caught a few trout, mostly rainbow and cutties though and my friend caught 1 brown that was about 18 inches. nymphing with halfback and atractors like the spratley worked well and muddlers caught a few cutties and the brown. Just be carefull about closers and such, i haven't been there in like i said 5 years so i dont remember really how to get there but i think there is a shop in victoria that can help you out

hey eddy where is arbutus point..i live in victoria ive looked on maps asked people but i cant find it.


Head north on Shelburn toward mt doug. When you get to the base of mt doug the road veers right and take you next right on ash rd. Go on and turn left on Tyndall, right on ferndale, left on Balmaccara and go down the hill and park at the corner. On the ocean side of the street on the corner is a public path, follow is to the stairs and go down to the beach. Head left (northish) to the point of rocks.

You can catch salmon right at the beach if the conditions are right but most fish are caught off the end of the rocks, watch for the birds to follow the bait coming with the tide cuz the salmon come with it. No point fishing if there is no bait around. Check the tide tables and get down there one hour before any slack tide in the morning or after 4pm. Salmon aren't very active when the current is fast.

trick for coho, use far casting med-light action that can cast light neddle fish like spoon and use a sharp jigging retrieve letting the spoon sprint and flutter like a scared wounded bait fish 4-6' under the surface.

thanks alot eddy is there pinks and spring there or just coho..if i dont see any jumping or rolling should i even bother fishing?

I don't live there anymore, the thing to do is go a spot and watch for fish sign and note water level,current direction and speed.

But it is getting late in the year.

I gather from your other post that your 14yr old? Shore fishing is tough because of all the gear your bound to lose. If you can get a small boat like 8ft and forget about salmon. The best fishing is for small rock cod hanging shallow in current eddies at rocky shore. Use heavy small shiney lures cast out let drop and jig retrieve right off the bottom.

For rock cod fish shallow cuz they'll die coming up from 30" or more.

Next is flounder/sole. I've heard you can get these guys of the James island dock with pile worms if you'r sticking to shore. Or drifting with bait on the bottom of mud or sand in pat bay.

There is a foot bridge that goes over the gorge on the galloping goose that you can catch herring off of.

Sidney pier, awsome for crab! I ate so many crab when I lived there I'm still sick of them. Hear is the secret, go to a bike shop get two old rims a 26" and a 24". Stretch netting across the small one and tie the larger one to it w small rope in three places so you have a hanging basket then tie netting to the sides of the basket. What you should have now is a callapsing net walled basket. Put weight on the bottom ring, I used 6 banana mooching weights and tie three lines to the top ring equally spaced and tie them together so you can grab the knot and the trap will hang level below it. Get 100' of cheap 1/4' line and you gat a trap.

For bait I only use chicken legs tied to the bottom net with wire and sliced up a bit. Go to the pier 1 hr before high tide and drop the net on the down current side of a pillar, wait 12-17min and pull er up. If no good move to the next pillar. While you are waiting you can catch rock cod and sole casting and jigging.

Fishing forum > Best Victoria Area Freshwater Shore Fishing?


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