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Author Topic: What test for main line for salmon?

First year fishing for salmon.
If im interested in fishing all types of salmon this year, what different Line weights should I get?
Id like to get them all now because came accross a good deal.

i personaly run main line of power pro braid 15-20lb, its as thick as 6lb mono and very flexible so u get ALOT on a bigger reel. i use from 8lb leader to 12lb leaders depending what im fishn. if its chinook i will bump up to a 15lb leader since there just beasts, but if u match your main lines rating u risk loosing whole set ups which gets pricy. for instance a drennan(7$), croc(5-6$), that hurts. i use the same mainline to land everything from 30-40 pound chinook down to 6lb coho.

Have you had any problems with braid as mainline? I'm thinking of switching over to braid from mono.

I used to use lighter line (8 lb)for pinks and coho, and then switch to heavier (12-20 lb) when fishing the vedder. A big hassle switching between lines each time.

One more question... do you guys take the line off when cleaning the reel or do you leave it on? I'm worried about the effects the lubricant might have on the line of some of it gets on it.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

i have had no problems, afer a year or two of heavy use u may need to replace a rod guide or two because of friction, its cheap to have done tho. i run a abu 6500 so i just pull the spool and spindle out when i lube up. also high end braids will last at least the whole season if not longer as long as you dont have many birds nests.

Fishing forum > What test for main line for salmon?


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