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I called the hatchery and apparently there's tonnes of fish in the ladder but tried 3 times now below the highway bridge and got nothing. I've thrown everything from tufts of green, red, pink and white wool, an assortment of spoons and every colour of jig at the water and haven't gotten a bite. Fishing the long pool below the bridge on the east side.

If anyone has any pointers I'd love to hear them. All hardware thrown in with a floater at various depths. All I have is assorted bits of tree that I was lucky enough to pull up and about 4 lost lures.

first of all...see the post about how to fish for salmon regarding leader length...tuffs of wool don't catch fish. That's flossing, we'll save that for the hundreds of other discussions that have already passed. I don't know much about cap coho, but I thinkyou have to move up into the deeper pools upstream. As far as I know-and that's driving by-it's all fast, shallow water by the highway. Correct me if i'm wrong...I'm just throwin this out there
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Early is important, use small spinners in the Cable pool or if you want to fish the pool by the highway. The easiest way to get fish outta the Cap is to get to know a coupla natives and barter for them. LOL ?

Under the highway bridge there is a deep pool. slow moving. I use blue foxes and use roe before the bait ban and caught coho there. but it gets fished hard tehre so move upstream by the hatchery and move down it on small trails and you should coem across soem pools.

Dude, It's not flossing if you are using a float. Wool on the line is not an indication of flossing. Apparently fish actually strike at wool on occasion. I'm just not sure what colour. I went to cable pool last night. Went through every colour of wool and got nothing. Tried buzz bombs and some spoons/crocs in varying colours and still got nothing. Was there around 4 hours and saw one fish caught. Was caught on a small spoon. Not sure what colour. If anyone knows what = bites there I'd really appreciate it.

The trout

got one on a tiger croc, early in the morning, thats when you get the fish, I like to get there ten minuits or so befor first light so that everything is set up and the fish are not wary.
The trout


Oh, BTW I lost my Blackberry on the way down the rope ramp! If anyone snags it or finds it downriver please let me know!!

green guy

first off wool works you do need to find the right colour combos and it may take some time but it does is not flossing unless your leader is 20 feet long. wool works for steelhead springs ect.. if presented right.

secondly the fishing is slooooooow right fact the only guys that i have seen that have done welll are usin' a fly rod.

you have to remeber the cable pool gets pounded all day long!!! it is really low and has hardly any flow.i see guys chuking a float around all day long and it is a waste of time because there is no flow.the fish have all day to look at your offering.

you have got to be willing to put some time in and look for some that are willing to bite. the fish in the cable pool have seen everything at least 100 times and are lock jawed.that could change with some rain!go into the canyon and some of the other pools.

remeber that the river has been very low not alot of fresh fish are willing to go up river without more water.maybe this rain today will make for some better conditions tomorrow?!

try to keep havin' fun

I was at the Cable Pool last night. Out of 15 guys there, only one caught a coho on a fly rod using a green leech. What you need is light tackle. These are resting there and do not strike, they just nibble occasionally. Light tackle alows you to feel that nibble and set your hook.
Happy Fishing !!!

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