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I am new in forum and i don't have to much experience fishing salmon.
I read with great interest the last posting regarding salmon fishing, "Selective fishing request by DFO" by ReelWrangler. Wel. I didn't understand, those guys bottom bouncing at Grassy Bar/Wellington, did they target chinook or other kinds of salmon? As far as I know bottom bouncing is not very appropriate for chinook. Can you give me some links so i can find out more about the other fishing methods
"Bar Fishing
Trolling Spoons at Creek mouths
Float Fishing
Pulling Plugs "
Is bottom bouncing permitted or not? Looks like the dfo position is "We wouldn't like people botton bouncing, but it is legal"
Also I have seen at Canadian Tire roes: coho roes, salmon roes, salted roes, curred roes. Which ones are better for chinook/fraser and why?

green guy

well hello and welcome!

the best thing for you my friend is to look through a bunch of the old post's. lost's of your questions will be in there.

bb is a mixed bag,some think its fishing and others dont.when you are bb, you floss/snag fish.the dfo is asking for us not too bb right now because you cant select the fish you snag.they are trying to protect an early run of sockeye.

you could look at it like the sockeye run is a meat harvest.if you go down there and leave with the first 2 fish you get ,no problem.

how ever there are some people that will sit there and floss all day and brag "i got 45 today" that aint can only keep two! when you release those sockeye back into that warm water, it does'nt have much o2, 40% will die before they make it back to spawn.that is unexeptable!!!

soooooooo many people on the river will talk about their 45 fish days,and tell you that they had to throw away 40 fish because they got frezzer burn.that makes me mad! it is totally pointless to have that kind of mentality.please dont fall prey to it.

if you are getting roe get it from a tackle shop and not walmart. the tackle shops have got the better stuff.

go and see dave at high water taclke (604 986 3239) 2nd and lonsdale west side beside the meat shop.

hope that helps you!

to elaborate on bottom bouncing... basically you have a penicil weight then a long leader off that leading to a hook and it's "lure"...usually colored yarn. The common misconception is the sockeye either attack the yarn or bite at it (since it's known they don't feed once entering the river). But what happens is the leader enters the fishes mouth pependicularly and as the weight pulls downstream the hook slides up into the mouth and you get a "bite." It's really snagging the mouth of the fish, but you can't really prove the fish didn't bite it. So the dfo has their hands tied with that technicality.
I once fished this method when I was younger, I was not aware of how it worked. But once I read about it, I felt as if I cheated. Not to mention all the fish that may have died when I released them. As mentioned in the previous post, sockeye have a horrible catch and release recovery rate. So if you do find yourself catching sockeye and it's legal to keep them at that time,take your limit if you must but put the rod away/switch your methods to target other species!

Personally, I don't fish for salmon too often anymore. Once every couple years at most. It's a blast...but that fishery seems really messed up.

While I'm on a conservation rant. Many of the pictures I've seen here indicate poor handling of fish. If you are keeping them then it's fine to place them on the grass or bottom of your boat to photograph. But I've seen some people talkin about throwing fish back while posting photos of their catch laying on the ground. Keep in mind that this damages their slimey layer that helps protect them from infection, amoungst other things. Handle your catch with wet hands and avoid laying it down if you can!
Also make sure you that if you use a net, it's cotton or another soft material and not nylon.

Good fishin all...if you don't plan on eatin your catch before it's on your line, throw it back!

Fishing forum > salmon


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