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Has anyone heard how the saltwater fishing around Pender Harbour is. Going there July 22 for a week. Any tips or locations to fish at?


July 15th, Sue M had two nice Chinook keepers on purple haze hoochies, Lots of undersized and a lot of seals but still worth the time to go out. Saw 3 other boats out all with the nets in the water numerous times.

July 14 - Rick M was out for the day starting with the low slack at Epsom. Ended up with 4 to the boat, 2 undersize, 1 about 8-10 lbs lost at boat trying to net it, and one 16 pounder in the cooler. Army truck hootchie took over as the lure of choice and all fish came in on this rod at 70'.

July 10 - Rick M spent the evening at Epsom and Bucc Bay. Got 6 more undersize and lost one which could have been a keeper but didnt see it. Copcar again was the producer.

July 8 - Rick M spent another day at Bucc Bay. 8 more undersize on the copcar. No keepers this time

July 7 - Rick M fished the day at Bucc Bay. 9 undersize to the boat, and one 8lb keeper. All action on copcar spoon about 70' in 120-140' water.

July 14 Davis Bay Sports Fishing was back to Trail for the afternoon low slack, Bobs clients boated one that was just to short and lost another that was around the same size, released a nice wild coho before the payoff, a 14.3 lbs spring took the nasty boy coyote from 80ft right on the tide change. We finished with four crab, two from 100ft and two from 80ft.

July 14th, Dave T was mooching off Epsoms Point and lost one beauty to a seal and another to broken
hoo. The fisher were hooked at the low slack from 160 ft.

July 13 was not unlucky for Davis Day Sports Fishing client that took a prefect 27lbs spring off Trail fishing the evening tide from 80ft on a nasty boy coyote, the limit of crab filled the cooler nicely 100ft was the hot depth for crab.

July 11th, Fred fom Pender Harbour Charters had clients from Texas out to Texada. They liked the name and played their game catching 4 springs over 20 pounds. Fred figures for sure the majority of the springs are running down the inside this year with the phenomenal fishing we have been having.

uly 9th, Don E. fished the Flat Tops on the weekend. He played two nice Springs but lost them both to seals. Got one of the heads back and it was a good size fish with some spawning colour (my guess in the 20 pound range). Hit 4 fish in all, Coyote Spoons, Cop Car and Glo Green, from 80 to 100 feet.

July 2 Dave M was out with his son about an hour before the low slack and we had 6 salmon, two undersized, two nice keepers, lost one to a seal (again) and lost the tackle to another one. They were fishing at about 120ft one rod with a purple haze flasher and a purple haze hoochie, the other with a green coyote. All the action was on the purple haze side so we switched the green coyote to a purple coyote and within 2 minutes we had another one in the boat. He saw you had some action as well.

July 2 Davis Bay Sports Fishing had a couple of young fellas out to Secret Cove fishing and hiding from the S/E winds. We picked up an 8lbs ling trolling to start, the thing was it had a larger ling hanging of its tail that we didnt get, leaving a fresh cut and some teeth marks. We moved over to Buc Bay when the winds died at the low tide, releasing one just under size landing a white 13lbs and a fat shaker all right at the tide before letting the boys get into what they really wanted to do, mooch live herring for rockys and lings. The keeper fish hit the black/white gypsy at 60ft on the wire and it to had been eating Pacific Cod.

July 1 Davis Bay Sports Fishing was out to Sargents Bay to fish the hours leading up to and through the 12:55 pm low. We had fish on all day released three undersize that we measured that were a hair to a half inch shy and tossed back five more that were an inch to short as well as 10 in the fat shaker size. In the mix of fish we did land an 11lbs keeper and also released a wild coho. Action came from the black/white gypsy spoon and an army truck hootchie from 60-85ft. The keeper was full of 6-7inch Pacific Cod. Bob also got a good report of an 18lbs taken at Trail on the same tide and time that day and these fellas said they caught a few of the small cod while trolling.

June 30, Joel and Merle were at Buccaneer Bay this am. and got an 8.5 and 18 lbs on army truck hooch @ 80 ft on the wire in around 110 ft - 150 ft of water. lost one beside the boat about 12 lbs oops. lots of seals out there lost two nice fish on my first fathers day to them

June 27Davis Bay Sports Fishing had his clients over to Sargents Bay to fish the hours leading up to the evening high slack. Pretty slow to start, even had one guest nod of for a second or two, but things got going as we neared the tide. Landing a twenty pounder and releasing two that were painfully close and twenty other undersize fish, as well as breaking one off (that was my fault) and losing a few more. The action came from 85ft on both black/white gypsy and coyote spoons. We finished the day with four big crab, 100ft being the hot depth.

June 26th, Fred clients caught a 32 pound white spring off Pender Harbour.

June 25 Davis Bay Sports Fishing took clients over to fish Sargents Bay picking up a nice keeper losing one that looked long enough and releasing a half dozen 22-23 inch and another bunch of shakers coming up to the high tide. The action came from 60ft black/white gypsy and the green/white coyote. We finished the day with four nice crab from 100ft.

On Sunday June 24 Tom P from Tips Up Fishing fished Buccaneer Bay towards Powell River and back with his clients. Released one undersize and caught a 14lb and a 15lb spring (red and white) right on the low tide between 8:45 am to 9:30am. First was on the 4 cop car gypsy and number two was on the Army truck coyote both around 80 in a depth of 110. Morning time seems to be it.

June 24th, Fred B from Pender Harbour Charters reported his clients took home 5 springs from 24 to 31lbs after two hours of trolling off the Harbour. The crew the day before took home 7 springs ranging up to 29 pound. Fred is reporting that this is some of the best fishing ever!

June 23 Claude C and his son Cory were out for the 8:00am slack of Epsom Point. It was really rough and they managed to hook into two nice springs, the only problem was the seals wanted them more!

June 22 Davis Bay Sports Fishing stuck there nose out in the S/E winds and did a pass in Davis Bay missing a hit and one undersize before pulling up and heading to Secret Cove for the rest of the after noon low. We did Buc Bay with no action just a seal that dogged us.

June 21 Davis Bay Sports Fishing trolled Buc Bay coming up to the after noon low picking up two close but undersize springs and one lost that we did not see, action came from 60ft green/white coyote. We then did some bottom fishing picking up a nice ling in the mid teens.

June 20 Davis Bay Sports Fishing trolled through Secret Cove picking up one keeper ling one undersize spring and a shaker before heading over to Buc Bay for the two hours before the low. Right away 16lbs gave us a good show jumping and rolling on the surface then we went through 10 smaller fish 3 we measured but just an inch or so short, we finished the tide with an 11lbs and a bookend 15 to the first keeper. The best action came from 60ft green/white coyote and lime green flasher.

June 19 Davis Bay Sports Fishing was out to do some bottom fishing but Bob talked the gang into an hour of trolling just to see what was around. We started in Buc Bay with a fish as soon as we got the lines in only for it to be short by a half inch, it stayed hot for an hour lots of close fish but no keepers until we hit a fish that looked to be long enough but a seal got hold of it at the boat side and we spent 20mins getting a work out and the gear back. We then headed out and picked up a couple of lings. The salmon action came from 60-90ft green/silver coyote and blue flasher being the busy set up.

Dave from Whistler tried to get back out to Epsom this morning. Went to launch a Bucanner and the owner said 4 foot swells. Everything seemed calm driving by Trail Islands but I guess Welcome Pass was a different story.

Went back and launched at Selma Park and tried off Trail. Hit some bottom fish but no Salmon. Oh well next trip to the Coast

June 16th, Tom from Tip's Up Fishing Charters is reporting the fish are finally getting to size. He had Doug and Paul out to Epsom and landed three keepers between 8-12 lbs and released four and lost two to the Seals- They were hitting on the Watermelon and the Mongoose Coyote anywhere from 50-90 on the wire in 60 to 200 of water. The fish were on them from the time they started at 10:30am - 1:45pm. Both set ups had flashers and Tom also saw another boat that claimed they landed a 23lbs. Secret Cove Marina claimed the fishing has been steady.

June 16th, Dave from Whistler was out with his two boys off Secret Cove. Hooked into several rock cod and one ling cod and a flounder. After the kids were tired and a bit wet he dropped them off at shore with Gradad and hit Epsom Point. Shortly after getting the rods down a Chinook hit the anchoive with charteuse flasher at 110 feet. Got it up along side the boat and it popped off. Looked to be about 12 pounds. Hit two more borderline Salmon at 110 and 130 on achoive and one on Hootchie. One other Salmon at 150 on the hootchie that got off. Four other boats out there and everyone had been into at least one Salmon.

On June 15th, Brad took Brent Bartley from Remax, along with his friend John to place a for SALE sign on one of the Trial Is. A great excuse to see if Brent and John could land their first salmons. In total one keeper in the boat, one nice fish lost after an acrobatic fight, two very close undersized and another that popped the clip but didn't stick. All of the fish were hooked on the Watermelon with green flasher combo, on the bottom rod, running stacked riggers. John caught his first Salmon and Brent hopes for some bites on that half acre property.

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