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I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a question I have. I was wondering how well Jones Lake produces in July and August with the warm weather? Is it high enough to remain active for fishing? If so, would the typical willow leaf and worm setup still be best (for trolling)? Anything else you'd suggest such as flatfish or trolling flies?

Thanks for any suggestions or advice.

I've had good luck in the summer months at Jones although fishing is generally better in the spring. A willow leaf and worm setup works and I have also found wedding bands with a worm to work well too. As for flies, I've found anything that is small and red works for the koks and I've also found leeches to work well. Good luck!

Thanks for the info BaitFisher. I'll be heading to Jones hopefully this coming week. I think I'll experiment a bit with your suggestions.

I'm trying to find couple local lakes (that are accesible to lauch a cartop boat) and that are cold enough i.e., high enough elevation that fishing doesn't slow too much with the heat.


Good luck and let us know how you do! As for good lakes in the summer nearby, Allouette Lake can be good in the summer. In fact, I had one of my best days of fishing there in the middle of the summer... However, boaters tend to be a real problem, lol.

Thanks BaitFisher, I will let you know how the fishing is. It's good that some of you are willing to share your experience with the local lakes and what may work.

Does anyone know if fishing the morning or evenings would be better than during the day in lakes like Jones or Alouette, especially during this hot weather. I know that some lakes in the Merritt area fish better at those times, but others, it doesn't really seem to make a difference.
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I was going to post pics of Jones, however someone stole my camera before I could. The road is lumpy but drivable, cars can make it. Trailers are ok and u can pass oncoming traffic with no problem. I have been to Jones 4 times in the last 3 years and the water is the highest I've seen. (usually there later in the summer) From the highway I would say it's @ 20 mins to the lake. One thing of note....gear down on the way out. My brakes were smoking from riding them. I lost oil pressure in the engine and had smoking wheels. Not the mountains fault though. It made for an adventure to say the least. I'd estimate the sphincter factor to have been around 6.5 or 7. All in all a great place to go. The campsite was full and many people went further down/up the road and camped in clearings.

I was up last weekend camping. The road is absolutely no problem in a truck. There were cars up there, but I would say it was pretty hard on them. The road is steep, but in good shape. Gear down, take it slow and you'll be fine.

Fishing on the other hand was less than impressive. I've got a feeling that a downrigger would be the way to go. Not a lot of action near the surface.

I love Jones Lake, never get skunked, and the water is great for swimming, just watch out for all the crayfish, yummy, yummy, crayfish..Mmmmm.
The best set up for reliability is simply a wedding band and willow leaf, with a bit of worm on the hook.
I've caught Cutthroat, Rainbow, and kokanee all on this set up. In the morning and evening you will find the cutthroat cruising the shoals in some of the bays, a stickle back or minnow imitation works well during this time. Dry flys in the evening can be a blast on this lake as well. Back in May, the last time I was up there, I was getting some nice Rainbow using a dragon fly nymph just off the bottom. There are Cutthroat in there reaching 20" right now.

Just fished Jones Lake for about 3 1/2 hours yesterday evening. The two of us got 4 rainbows, one which was undersized and we threw back. We both also had a couple more on the line which we weren't able to land. A Ford fender with a spinner and piece of worm was really working. Didn't have to go too deep either. I'd say about 30' or so of line (not depth).

Regarding the road, yes there were cars up there and you can bring a car, but it's not something you want to do often at all. A truck is MUCH more preferable. Though I don't have any experience in driving a boat trailer up there, my thoughts are it is definitely possible though I would not want to do it.

I have been to jones lake twice this summer and both times I have caught 1 rainbow... I hear about large fish(rainows to three lbs, kokes to two) but I think that is na extremely rare catch. I ave found small lures such as frog flatfish and kastmasters to be productive but have had no luck with wedding bands or gang trolls. How about trolling deep around the center of the lake for big fish?

Thats exactly where you want to troll, in and around the center. Watch out for the submerged stumps on the east side closer to shore. Probably have $100 or so in hardware,
invested in that lesson. Lots of fish around there in the evening and morning. Stick to flies instead of hardware if you plan on checking out the east side of this lake, just my $0.02

Hey BC Guy,

Where is the best area for the crawfish trapping. How many do you get at a time.. O yes , how are the mosquitoes right now I am bringing kids


I was up there a couple weeks back. The mosquitos were very active. I took about 15-20 minutes to pack up my fishing gear and in that time got at least 8 bites.

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