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On wednesday I was fishing with my daughter on the jetty at Wickson road, south Surrey. It was most annoying to see people catching and keeping undersized crabs. This was happening the whole afternoon we were there. What frustrated me more was my call to Fisheries and Oceans Canada to report these violations did not bring out any rangers to book the offenders. Maybe someone can advise how we can help Fisheries and Oceans Canada protect our marine resources. I am sick and tired of people breaking the regulations. I have seen this happening on numerous occasions at the same jetty.

well by the sounds of it there is not much u can do to "help" is their choice to be lazy and not do their job. one day when it is too late they will realise they should have acted sooner to protect our wildlife. what goes around comes around.but that is their choice to decide to sit around.i agree it is wrong and people should file complaints agains THEM to get em to do something.
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I belive that Section 494 of the Criminal Code of Canada give you the powers of "Citizen's Arrest". It also goes that the arresting citizen does not have to be of legal status of the country they are in. With Sec.494 of the CCC the arresting citizen can arrest a person in the act of committing an 'indictable offence' (an offence which can only be tried on an indictment after a preliminary hearing to determine whether there is a 'prima facie' case to answer or by a grand jury).
If you make a citizen's arrest, you must identify yourself, advise the person they are under arrest, take physical control, tell them what they are under arrest for, advise them they have the right to instruct and retain counsel without delay and deliver the arrested person to a peace officer as soon as possible.

Sorta crazy that you can do that, i know. But it holds legal ground, and the Supreme Court of Canada dealt with the powers of arrest of a non-police offericers with the degree of force permitted in a recent case.

In short, state your name, make it known that you are not a person of the law but under a citizens arrest they have the right to remain silent and that it is advised they hold counsel asap and that they are under arrest. Also, make physical contact- even the police have to lay their hand on you when they make an arrest because if they don't, the arrest will not be official and will not hold in a court of law.

...or how about not making a 'citizens arrest' where the whole thing can backfire and get twisted up and you can end up on the other end of an assault charge.

there are too many ways to get screwed around-take a look at the police. They are always getting in shit for this kind of thing...which is total BS... I mean you can't beat someone down for no reason but be prepared to get ruffed up a little if you're gettin arrested!

I'd say approach the person, ask them to measure a crab for you-if it's undersized tell them and phone it in while you stand by them. Fear of being busted may help.

Good to see this thread. But I'd be careful trying to arrest these people yourself. If I am not mistaken, the regulatory body governing is the FO and they have their own rules and regulations seperate from the CCC. I would imagine that in order to preform a citizen's arrest the accused would have to be breaking a CCC law, not a FO by-law. But don't quote me on that
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i had a long talk with 3 guys (dfo) a while back and there are some things you got to remeber.

they dont have the man power too look at every ever they get in trouble if they dont look into x% of cases called in.

they told me the best thing to do is call it in take pic's of the person there catch and a plate number.them the dfo has got to go and track them down.

last year i came across a fella on the river with i dip net.i asked him nicely, "hey what are you doing?"then he said "what ever the f**k i want" so then we really started to have words!and 3 of his buddies jumped out of the woods.

all i can say is it was a really good thing the we were on oppisite sides of the river. i called it in and no one showed up!

it does suck but you have to keep calling and reporting!!!!!!!!!!


You dont specify if he was native but natives are allowed to dip net. Its not so common on the lower fraser but the fraser canyon thats all they do mostly. Its crazy too theyll use rock climbing gear sometimes and hang there in a harness over the fraser against a cliff neting fish and chuckn em in a bucket for a budy to pull up.
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Well it may not be traditional to use climbing gear, however I feel that if they are willing to go to such lengths, they have earned those fish.

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