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a guy died this saturday slipping off the rocks at peach road pool. vedder is not a tiny creek in those days. be careful.

Sad news ...

If you fell into the water don't panic, waders are buoyant and will keep you afloat and warm, try to get rid of jacket with weights and protect your head.

Once I felt into Vedder waters myself - it is really hard to fight the current. Does not matter weather you are a good swimmer or not ...

That is horrible to hear.....

Just goes to show you, you can't be too carefull. Condolences to the man's family.

Like the subject says,
Be Careful!

This case wasn't mentioned in local newspapers. There is a chance that somebody is making it up...

Anonymous is pretty callous. I heard about it today at two different fishing stores. I was told that the fellow fell in around Tamihi. Everyone be careful and look out for one another.
Dyer Straits

Angler swept down Vedder

By Jennifer Feinberg, Progress
A 57-year-old fisherman from Abbotsford met a tragic end after he fell into the fast-running Vedder River before the disbelieving eyes of several other horrified anglers.
Chilliwack RCMP say police officers and paramedics were called to the scene near Peach Road where the man wearing hip waders had last been seen fishing, shortly before noon Saturday.
When emergency responders finally reached him, after he was pulled out of the river near Lickman Road, he was still showing signs of life, but the fisherman later succumbed to his injuries and died at Chilliwack General Hospital.
Police have identified the deceased as Stefan Jozsa of Abbotsford.
"The victim was swept away in the water for a short distance before being pulled to shore," reports RCMP Const. Dave Aucoin.
He says no foul play is suspected in the incident, which was likely a case of an unfortunate accident.
Condolences went out to the family and warnings about how to survive a dunk in the river went up immediately following the incident on an online anglers' discussion board.
One angler who was at the river that day called it "an awful sight."
He described hearing people yelling upstream and thinking it was someone fighting a huge spring salmon and asking for clearance.
He says some well-meaning anglers were even trying to cast from shore to hook the floating angler, to no avail. The whole experience made him think about safety.
"No fish is worth your life," he tells other anglers. "Use your common sense and take care out there."
In another online post, it is reported that the victim had been fishing on rip rap on the north side of the river, about 100 yards downstream from the Peach Road parking lot.
River conditions that day were described as fast, high and dirty.
An autopsy has been scheduled. Police and B.C. Coroner's officials are investigating.

© Copyright 2003 Chilliwack Progress


This is horrible. im guessing the currents were really high and fast during those floods. i will definately think more about safety when i go to vedder.

Fishing forum > vedder - be careful


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