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Anyone ever tried it? I know where it is but never fished it. I hear there are some lake trout getting into the 20-30 pound range which doesnt surprise me since there used to be a hatchery. Any advice on gear and locations since it is a large lake.

I've been told to get those big lunkers you gotta drop bait down to the bottom of the center where the lake is real deep, wait and hold on. Of course that would be illegal as the lake has a bait ban. As for locations I've had decent luck in the bay on the North side of the lake right around to the East side. I was in my bellyboat and just spinning a blue fox or mepps type spinner over the drop. The lake's not too big for bellyboats but you have to watch as weather can move in fast.

I thought most of the lake trout were gone. That being said, there might be a few lunkers hanging around. However, I would guess that there are probably a few rainbow in the 12-16 inch range still left. It was a pity they closed the hatchery.

I took a drive up that side of Stave lake back in Feb. or March, there was a very heavy duty steel gate (locked), with those large concrete barrier blocks on both sides of the gate. I don't know if that has been removed since then. But, based on the huge quantity of spent cartridges (.22, .303, other calibres, and spent shotgun casings), the bags of garbage, the burned tires, the discarded latex gloves (likely from people emtying their black/grey water tanks), the empty/burned oil containers, rusty nails from burning used wood, etc., etc., particularly near the creek that runs thru the open gravel area, I'm not too certain of the quality of the fish that would be there, nor the likelyhood of your vehicle being either intact, or even still there, if you can't drive down to the lake and have to leave it parked outside the gate.
It really pisses me off that such an otherwise beautifull area has to be turned into a dump by such !#$*+&% @$$holes. Practically every clearing I drove by had numerous pieces of garbage on it, with plenty more strewn about along the roadside, and down on the exposed lakebed where Sayers Creek empties into Stave it was even worse. I picked up a couple of partly empty oil containers that were laying around to prevent it from ending up in the lake, took them home and properly disposed of them later.
Hopefully things haven't gotten worse up there, but I wouldn't be holding my breath on that.

I dont understand why the government would make a puddle like rolley a provincial park but not sayers/ francis. It even HAD a hatchery to sustain the pressure. These areas only become so trashed because noone is around, if it were park, none of that junk would happen.
bass master 99

what about morgan lake? and the other lakes in the area? ay of them producing? are they even open?

havent been up recently but from what i hear florence and morgan are permanently closed. through the grape vine i know 2 people with keys but neither will share or cut a copy. i long to hit them up, ive read rave reviews of large brook trout.

so much for fishing sayers..... it is now gated a few km away from the view point. these loggers are ruining every local forestry road, never in my life have i seen such clear cuting and disregard for outdoorsmen..... ive lived in this area all my life and never has it been so bad, did they change the rules on clear cuting????

went to go to the creak that goes into stave and the gate is still there! the dolly varden is spawing there and there are some big ones there but couldent get there.but did see the water fall except for the .22 shells and garbage it was nice.

I was out at Sayres last week, with the belly boat and fish finder. Lots of fish showed in one spot DEEP on the fish finder,only an occasional fish for the rest of the lake.

Fishing forum > Sayers lake


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