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I've been to Lynn Creek and caught some rainbows but is their steelhead and salmon???

where is a good spot on the seymour And lynn creek to fish fo salmon steel head and trout??
green guy

there was one guy in a post long ago that talked about lynn creek.the "ranger / park guys" gave him a really hard time.they really dont like people fishing in there for what ever reason if my memory is right they yelled at him until he went home .i just go swimming in there with the kids.i have never heard of any steelhead or salmon in that river.

the seymour is a hard river to fish.very low very clear water.the fish almost always see you coming.some nice pools but they arnt easy to get to(lost of walking on the upper part of the river).not alot of steelhead return to this river so it can be pretty hard the cap its c&r only, hatchery or wild.the summer runs wont be in the river for a while yet.there are no rainbows in the seymour, not a big enought food suply to suport any long term tenants.

yea i live by the lynn creek aparently there are some in the 30 and 90 foot pools but he park rangers yell loud at you but in the evening there is an exceptional ranger. fish the lower parts under the falls where the rangers usually don't go i go there and find pools i found a nice pool about 20 yrds away from the bridges by the dog walk i caught a 4 punder nice and wild, took my pale yellow humpy, in an instant.
i wanna try the seymour though just test it i heard there is soem good pinka nd coho runs
green guy

the pink run should be good however the coho run last year sucked.the hatchery still managed to collect enought for brood stalk.there was no big run they just came in a few at a time it was really strange.

lets hope this year is better.

i did not know theyre were rainbows in lynn creek what would you guys use for that river small fly patterns or drop in a spinner , tell me?thanks.

Hey fishinforlife, I too live close to Rice Lake/Lynn Creek. Last year we fished Rice in the evenings from mid September to mid October and caught some nice fish - not that 20 incher though. Will be trying again this year, but after Father's Day.

I don't know about fishing Lynn Creek, but Seymour does have some salmon runs. Last year was slow, caught zero, but did see them rising just up from 'Fisherman's Pool'.

use a dry yellow pale yellow humpy or a leech they pretty musch bite anything in lynn creek, there are some big ones but you have to hike up the creek a bit from the ocean, wathc out for dogs and people aren't suppose to fish there so stay away fromt he rangers.

Hey kel did u catch any a rice lake, or lynn creek, i went one time in the summer and lost a big one in rice it snapped my 4 lb test, the fish are weird in that lake i usually go in there and fish at 10 am when its hot in july and august fish the bootm with worms and shrimp catch em all the time biggest i ever caught tehre was a 15 incher lookin for the 20 incher or bigger. i suppose there probably only one in there in the middle of the lake. i fish the dock where aboutsto u fish


We stay away from the dock. I got my 'how to fish Rice Lake' advice from a Park Ranger who posts on fishing sites.

We seem to have our best luck in the evenings in a spot opposite from the dock and down the other end of the lake. We have used worms and power bait and both have worked. We had no luck with flies.

Is it just me or do those fish not fight very much? Any ones we have caught don't jump or run, just wait to get dragged in. Is it the same with all recent hatchery fish?

yea i know they just come in so easy, there hard to catch though but i find ways its like a fluke

where's the website where the rangers post advices

i wnet there this sunday at 10 i caught a rainbow 11 inches and a small cutthroat, i used a spinner on a bobber

theres fish in lynn creek and seymour river?

What about by sylynd bowl I have walked threw there a few times can you fish there without getting yelled at

Just a reminder to help avoid confusion: Seymour River is currently shut down for all fishing due to the landslide that blocked the river awhile ago. I hike it often and keep seeing anglers after it's been shut for a year now. Please check the regs before you head out,
Tight Lines

Not sure if I agree with you on this Tangles. From looking at the regs it says fly only, c+r , closed for 1 1/2 km below the dam and closed for a couple of hundred meters at the GVRD water outflow or something like that. Never fished there so am not familiar with where the boundaries are but it sure appears to be open. Anyone with further insight.

It's in the "in season changes" part.
From the slide down a fair ways is closed
sharphooks moderator

thanks for clarifying this. Funny they have not updated the regs to show the change.

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