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Author Topic: can any one tell me why there is no carp fishing in BC ?


hatzic lakes has quite a few across the railroad tracks from the bridge and many sloughs also.

There are some pretty large carp in Burnaby lake isn't there?

There aren't too many areas with the climate that carp need to live, why fish for carp when there are trout, bass and salmon!?
bass master 99

because carp are effin crazy when they're hooked. There like freshwater bonefish except they feed on shit thats on the bottom as well as insects and plants. I've heard that there are some pretty big carp in burnaby lake as well but don't know exactly how big

Saw some about 3 feet long by the beaver hut last month, they were sturring up the dirt on the ground while looking for food.

Well there are lots in the southern part of the Okanagan river, near Oliver and Osoyoos.

Where's the beaver hut? Also, where can you fish for bass in the lower mainland?

Good two hear that there are some carp about.I'am from the uk & will be staying in Vancouver for two mouths in Aug looking forword two wetting sum lines for the Trout & salmon, but my fist love are carp sad i know.
Are there any carp around Vancouver,Edmonton,Kelowna??. many thanks for the info so far keep it comeing
stink finger

mill lake for bass there are lots of carp in the lower allouette above 216 the bottom is covered with these shit eaters

the beaver hut it at the end of Piper Spit. (the end of the long boardwalk into the lake)


Yes, there are some massive carp in Bby Lake I've seen a few that look like they are at least 20lb+ But like someone else said why go after a $hit eater when we have steelhead, trout and salmon to go after. I guess it would be a good fight for a catch and release?

i didnt know there is carp in the allouette! what a shame

above 216th? or below 216th flowing in the pitt?
stink finger

if you walk in from 216 go upriver 5 mins there are some small cliffs on the far side you can see steelhead when there and the carp cover the bottom i have heard they are up to 224

im from uk and have just been to bc i will be back in the fall but i have found that the carp fishing is not really done in canada, its started over the other side but in bc its still shunned. they are lovely fish not really good eating but 20lb fish put up one helava fight. so why not. have fun they may be bottom feeders fishing is fishing so enjoy...


bigred, there are carp in Okanagan Lake at Kelowna as well as Wood Lake at Winfield. I spent many years in Edmonton and there are good sized ones in the river. Unlike in Europe, they are considered garbage fish here but so were walleye for many years. Now they are protected.
bass master 99

also one of the best in bc is tuc el nuit right in oliver,
its a gross little lake that has 2-10pounders and it also has a small population of smallmouth bass and some huge yellow perch
general sturgeon

there are carp in swan lake and in kal lake in vernon

Like ReelWrangler said. Hatzic Lake in Mission has lots. I have family that own property on the East side of the lake and they say when the waters down low they can see them stirring up all the muck. They've also had them swim into the side of their canoe. Apparantly they get quite big there too.

Lots of Carp at houseboat wharf in Salmon Arm.

All this info is VERY good news keep it comeing,just got back from a 24hr fishing trip and only got 1 carp but it was a 31 1/2LB common and put up a hell of a fight and "WE put all carp back" C&R. Will be looking 2 get sum of the same in BC "hopfully bigger"
The Yak

I second tuc el nuit lake.. I stay there every year in august. They even have a crap derby in the 1st week of august

LMAO. Crap derby.

i have just moved from the uk and yes another carp fishing guy moved from london England last year to port moody not been fishing yet but will try these areas out in the summer wheres the salmon arm is that near vancouver i think there are lots of carp here just not fished for

Hey all, just got on board with this kick ass website and have been reading some of the replies regarding carp. We have a huge carp population in the Shuswap and I have been catching these MONSTER fish for the last 2 years. My best fish has been a 23lb'r on my fly rod. Anybody that wants to catch a fish that will max out your backing or strip 200yds of line of your spinning rig should definitley try this fish out.

Hi everyone,

I too have moved to Vancouver from the UK where I fished for carp for almost 40 years (including France & Romania). I too am looking for carp fishing in the BC area (I have been to Hatzic Lake but was not too inspired) and shall be following up leads. If there is a few of us interested why don't we meet up for a drink and perhaps join forces? There is so much ground to cover and I do not think the lower mainland / okonagan climate is anything other than ideal for carp.

coming 2 vancouver in ang for 2 mouths looking 2 move out for good in a year or two if i can find the right job would like 2 meet up for a drink and talk carp all night. TIGHT LINES 2 ALL

why would you want to fish carp in the best trout waters in the world?????

there are a lot of carp in the maria slough just outside of agasi.(oops spelling)

i was at mill lake today and saw a 2 1/2 - 3 foot long one cruising in the shallows at the dock/bridge i caught a 4 or 5 pound catfish.

Fishing forum > can any one tell me why there is no carp fishing in BC ?


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