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Hey to all you fisherpeople out there. I just moved to Victoria for school at Royal Roads University from Toronto Ontario and am an absolute fishing fanatic. I fish for pretty much anything that swims, however I have no idea of what to fish for or where to start in regards to fishing in the Victoria area. In particular the Royal Roads area. I brought my centre pin reel along and a baitcast reel hoping they might be useful out here, however it sounds as though fly fishing might be the way to go, at least on the inland lakes for bows and such. Anyways, if any of you guys have any tips for a newbie like me I would be ever so thankful. The only thing I can offer back to ya would be some good fishing tips and spots within Toronto.

Thanks for any help guys, much appreciated.

Louis Vuitton

bump...I dont live there, so whoever does, help him out

heh, thanks Louis. I actually bumped into a flyfishermen near my place down at the water and he told me the best place for steelhead and salmon on the island would be the Cowichan river. This river would be similar/better than the rivers that I am used to fishing back in Ontario for migratory salmon and trout. The only thing I need now is adequate transportation lol. I think I might pick up a fly fishing outfit though to try for some cutthroats in the area..
Louis Vuitton

The Cowichan also hosts brown trout I believe. One fly i can say to put into your box though, that is highly overlooked and over seen is a cray-fish pattern. Put a couple in your box eh just down in the corner and on those days that nothing is working, tie one on. You'd be surprised at how much the browns like them. Um...if you can get to Oyster River or bay or whatever, and Qualicum beach, try some beach fly fishing for staging coho and the river mouths for sea-run cutties. I'm not sure if you have sea-run cutthroat in Ont, but they are really beautiful. Just please let them go.

Unfortunately we don't have any Cutthroat trout in Ontario. Most fishermen in our region fish for Great Lakes steelhead and chinook and coho salmon. Until I came here I never knew how much the steelhead populations are suffering on Vancouver Island. I think our populations in Ontario are doing better than out here. However, most of our fish are stocked annually and I'm sure that most of the fish out here are native and natural. I brought a few flies I tied with me and thought they might come in handy out here. Egg sucking leech, stonefly and some various colored chenille and marabou jigs. I'll definately have to give those cuttie's a shot. Thanks for the help Louis...

Was at Oyster River about a month ago and over a couple days I landed about 8 Cutties and lost a lot more!! The average size was 17 inches!!!
Louis Vuitton

Well, tell the man what you caught them on and where abouts and stuff. Help him out

Just a pink croc. I fish the mouth of the river. I had a pink on but lost it (snapped my 3lb test) There were many others fishing there at dusk and they were fly fishing so you my want to ask them what they were using. NO BARBS!

Yes the cowachian is awsome for steelheads and brown trout.The Oyster River (near Campbell River just south of..) is where i grew up and houses a huge ,but tough to catch rainbow fishery.I have had luck there with a medium pink and purple rooster tail! and the Pinks will bite almost anything.If your using spin cast try the north side of the mouth (above the tide markers)with a big gold panther.If fly fishing try the south side!!! Just my opinon!! Good luck
Louis Vuitton

Keep it coming guys. Help him out. This is what its for. Kudos to those who already have.

-Tight lines

There are a few lakes north of Victoria that house an amazing small mouth bass fishery aswell. Thetus lake ,horne lake, spider lake!!
should check it out

Great, thanks for all the help guys. Now I have some spots and starting points to get me on the right track. Its good to know their is some smallmouth to be had as well. They were one of my favourite fish to catch back home, pound for pound one of the best fighting fish. I brought along a few crank baits as well which should come in handy for the bronzebacks..

Hit the Stamp River, lots of info on the net. Its a ways off from you but thats where you want to be! Hey 3fish how was the water on the Oyster? Thought it would be pretty low right now. Should be some beach fishin soon to, for Coho eh.

I fished to mouth and the tided came in and out. I only go camping there once, mabye twice a year so I wouldnt know anyway, sorry.

Hey ahab, I have had luck at the mouth of the Black Creek fishing coho on the fly. If I was going home soon, I would be there right away!!! The Oyster(like every system)needs rain in a major way.Buddies back home have not seen much of anything in the past few weeks!

Well, They finally got some rain back in Southern Ontario and the Chinook salmon run is in full swing. Ad it won''t be too long till the steelhead are right up behind the chinooks looking for an easy salmon egg meal..

O.K. ... Here goes:

Freshwater: Elk/Beaver Lake: Rainbow & Brown, fish from the fishing pier or from shore on the highway side. They will attack both fly and gear and even the kids get in on the action with just a worm and bobber. Other species: Smallmouth bass, yellow perch, and carp.

Thetis Lake (Upper): rainbow, fish from the trail that winds around the lake, mostly gear fishing here, especially flatfish / wee-tads, but fly's will work. Other species: Smallmouth bass, catfish.

Durrance Lake: Rainbow, fish from the trail that surrounds the lake, colder water and smaller fish but plenty of them early in the year. Fish in this lake will usually snub the gear in favor of flys but a good standby is a worm/bobber. Heard there were browns and smallmouth in Durrance but have never seen any.

Prospect Lake: Rainbow, Brown trout. Gear or Fly on this lake take your pick. Smallmouth are present but in lower numbers. TIP: Do Not Eat ANYTHING you catch in this lake, choloform / fecal counts are historically very high in prospect.

Langford Lake (Close to Royal Roads): Good Rainbow and smallmouth fishery. Gear mostly but I have seen nice fish taken on the fly. Smallmouth are present in decent numbers.

Cowichan River / Lake cowichan system: great fishing in the river and the lake, ask locally for best info. Home Hardware guys in Cowichan are very helpful.

If shorecasting in the salt appeals to you try:

Cormorant Point
Cattle Point
Ogden point breakwater

fish mostly buzz-bombs, gibbs minnows, or smaller Coyote spoons

Hope this helps


go through downtown victoria along douglas street until it ends in beacon hill park. you have good fishing options in the ocean to the left and right of there. to the left: across from the ross bay cemetary there is a concrete pier. its a good place for catching salmon when they are in season and mud sharks and skate at nighttime. to the right: there will be the breakwater. its one kilometer to the lighthouse at the end. at various points along the way you can fish for lingcod and salmon and red snapper.

Fishing forum > Ontario fishermen Newbie now residing in Victoria! Need help!


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