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Author Topic: Little Thailand Way, a small, great road, the pride of Thai people in New York

“Little Thailand Way” is thexoname of a new road that spans from Route 76 to 79 on Woodside Road. The Elmhurst neighborhood in Queens just inaugurated a street sign on the corner of 77th Street on September 24. This is an important pride of the Thai community in New York City. It is officially recognized as part of New York's multicultural society.

The New York City Municipality has announced the area in the community as the Little Thailand Way to reflect the identity of the Thai community. Values ??at this area include Thai restaurants, grocery stores, and businesses. of many Thai people And there are also many Thai temples nearby. Under the push of Mr. Yuttana Limlertwatee or Khun Mu Nabon, a Thai person who settled in New York for many decades until success in life. and has also succeeded in making a road that may not be very long But there is a great value in feeling. And it's also a pride not only for Thai people in New York.

In fact, before Little Thailand Way was announced, this area was known to New Yorkers thanks to Mr. Yuttana's collaboration with fellow Thais in New York. Organize various Thai events and festivals on a regular basis This led to a collaboration with members of the New York City Council who helped push this road to become the official Little Thailand Way. New York State Councilor also gave an honorary certificate for the establishment of Little Thailand Way Road to Khun Yuttana

Mr. Fabio Jinda, Consul-General of Thailand in New York, praised the strength and unity of Thai people in New York. He also said that he had been trying for a long time to want New York to have a Thai Town like in Los Angeles. Here there was a Thai community living here from 1970-1972. Until now, it is known that this area is where the majority of Thai communities live. With at least two Thai temples in close proximity to each other, Little Thailand Way's presence is a good starting point for a more meaningful representation of the existence of the Thai community in New York.

At the event, in addition to cultural performances, Thai and international music, where Consul General Fabio and his wife performed music with Thai community members at the event, Mr. Thani Sangrat, Director-General of the Department of Information. The new Thai ambassador to Washington also congratulated the Thai brothers and sisters in New York. with what is considered an accomplishment and pride that reflects the strength of the Thai community in New York that is recognized and appreciated

While Mr. Don Pramudwinai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs who was on his way to attend the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, went to meet and congratulate the Thai community at Little Thailand Way after completing his mission at the United Nations. in the midst of a warm welcome

Mr. Don believes that this road will help to convey Thainess. whether it is Thai food Thai culture and identity to be known and appreciated by a wider audience. The Thai community can help each other participate as cultural ambassadors. Softpower ambassador for the continuation of Thainess and communicate the strengths of Thailand to be more evident In addition, the Thai community can also play an important role in promoting better understanding between Thailand and the United States at the people's level. This is a very important basis for promoting good relations between the two countries.

Mr. Don also said that The Thai community in the United States is the largest Thai community abroad. Love and unity are the keys to strengthening the strength and potential of the Thai community. by the embassy Consulate General and related Thai agencies abroad are ready to support the implementation of various activities. of the Thai community closely

Fishing forum > Little Thailand Way, a small, great road, the pride of Thai people in New York


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