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This Buds 4 U

k if any1 can tell me what kinda fish i been catching at stave lake in mission i would be so greatfull we been catching them there for the past few years we catch alot of them to they are big fish with white meat when u cook em when u catch them they look like a big dark salmon almost like a dolly and a kokanee cross we used a willowleaf setup on the boat trolling caught a few and we caught some jus regular fishing with a bobber and a worm and its like the only fish we catch there when u boat in the shallows at night with a spotlight u can hit them with a paddle there right there on the bottom in the shallow only at night though and there is tons of them so if any1 has any idea on what these kinda fish are pls let me know i will post a picture of it here in a few days if my friend still has it in his freezer i will take a pic of it and post it here for every1 to see
This Buds 4 U

if any1 does know what kinda fish it is can you email me at pls n thankyou

Still No pic? I call, Bull Trout!

bass master 99

post a pic and ill tell ya

This trout is sure a mystery! So mistic that you don't even see it. Now I can see why you could not identify what it is.

I don't know but the cave your in looks to be up norrish creek
logging road!
The Yak

If you dont know what it is you shouldnt be keeping it. If you get stopped you could be in big do-do

BTW...Bulltrout and Dollies are illegal to keep in our region.

learn your species before you go out there.
It may be an illegal fish?

That would explain the whole silent treatment! The dude probably realized when he wacked the little guy, threw him in the freezer and stared asking around! KNOW YOUR REGS!!!!
stink finger

dollies are not illegal to keep in lakes

Like I said know your regs!ha-ha.

What happen to the Mystery Fish?? No pic yet? It's still a mystery to me Buds 4 U!

If you dont know what kind of fish it is i dont see why you would cook it up and eat it. risky business.

i have seen some weird fish in the lake. on friday i caught something my friend called a squaw fish, it was about three pounds. my second fish was a succer big mouth under belly

Old thread. But that is pretty typical to catch a variety of Suckers and Northern Pike-Minnow (AKA Northern Squawfish), especially if you are bottom fishing. These are all known as "rough fish" and are not typically retained.

my guess is squaw fish.Not normally a game fish. They are very destructive to salmonoid fry populations so best to kill all and through back in the water to decompose. There is no bag limit on them or closed season anywhere

smokin, that is a pretty outdated approach to fishing. I know some people feel that way still and I personally have mixed feelings. But at the same time (I try to keep my reactions a little more rash than knee-jerk, so I think to myself); if they are not invasive and they are native and present, what makes you think that you know better than nature? We have seen oh so many times, fisheries nearly devastated or completely wiped out because some guy with a PHD decided he knew better and altered the natural balance. Now I'm pretty sure you don't hold a PHD in ecodiversity or marine biology, so lets just start out small. Before you go recommending culls and the altering of complex eco-systems, why not start with something less ambitious, like say a Fishing Report.

You might have a little more credibility and your opinion might carry a bit more weight if you had something to share other than $0.02.

I dont know how he came with his description ?? But sounds like pike minnows to me .!
Fish'n BC

Just a bit of trivia, but Stave lake was stocked with tens of thousands of Atlantic salmon over the course of a few some PHD types many years ago. Couldn't find info about the outcome or cost, one of those things that make you say hmmmmmm...I guess.

Chris are you sure? I've heard some ill-advised plans by the government, but if you have an article or info to share, I would like to see that. It just sounds too counter-intuitive to be true!
Fish'n BC

Yes ChakaRaka, if you bring up Stave lake on the "Angler's Atlas" (2001), you will see they stocked Stave Lake with;
-15,200 Atlantic Salmon in 1-Jan-18, and
-80,000 Atlantic salmon in 1-Jan-19

After that it was just Cutthroat and Rainbow to 97

Wow, I would love to hear the logic behind that one.
Fish'n BC

Me too!

Prior to that it was stocked with 5,000 Brook trout and 14,000 "Mystery Fish" (unidentifiable)...what does that mean?...they came across a shipment of fish and not knowing what they were or what to do with them the PHDs types decided to dump them in the lake?
Fish'n BC

Makes me wonder though: could some of those Atlantic salmon have adapted to become the "Stave Lake Mystery Fish" subject of this string? Could they have been spawning in the shallows at the time, similar to beach spawning kokanee? What was the discription...big dark salmon like kokanee/dolly cross type fish...

My fishfinder keeps showing these huge fish suspended down realy deep, I had figured they were lakers or large dollies. The lake is 331 feet deep, the kokanee seem to hang around the 80-150 feet deep levels most of the year and I catch them in shallow water a bit in spring then mainly Aug-Nov. The big fish seem to be down around 200-250 feet deep most of the year, too much for my hand crank downrigger and I haven't spent any time at night in the shallows in July.

If a kokanee is a land locked sockeye salmon, what would a land locked Atlantic Salmon be called? Could we have a new species in Stave? Hmmmmm makes me wonder...

sounds like the plot to a mystery movie....THE PHANTOM FISH
Fish'n BC

And the plot

On day as I was walking on the shore,
I saw a fish that was not there.

I didn't see that fish again today,
I wish that fish would go away.

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