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Fishing forum > Game


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Hicks Lake
Fishing: Fair
Catch: 2 Rainbow Trout
Sat, Jun 03, 2023
Mill Lake
Fishing: Unknown
Catch: 0
Mon, Feb 27, 2023
Fraser - Hamilton Road
Fishing: Unknown
Catch: 0
Tue, Feb 07, 2023
Fraser - Hamilton Road
Fishing: Unknown
Catch: 0
Sun, Oct 30, 2022
Devils Lake - Mission
Fishing: Moderate
Catch: 6 Bass
Sat, Sep 03, 2022
Otter Lake (Tulameen) - North
Fishing: Moderate
Catch: 4 Pikeminnow
Mon, Aug 15, 2022
Jones Lake
Fishing: Moderate
Catch: 8 Rainbow Trout
Wed, Jul 06, 2022
Jones Lake
Fishing: Moderate
Catch: 14 Rainbow Trout
Sat, Jul 02, 2022