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How do you set up not outSLOTXO TRUE WALLETof trend, along with upgrading the high payout rate. Until it is hard to find in this era, dignity in the area of ??skill competitions and measure the fortunes of those who love to gamble unlocking your smartphone and various applications on your device these days? Actually, quite believe that since different brands of smartphones have a function "unlock with fingerprint scanning" or "unlock by scanning the face"

Many people also choose to use their own method of scanning these organs to unlock their personal phones. Rather than having to remember passwords, remember pin codes, or even remember drawing patterns, scanning is much easier and faster. We can enter the phone screen in just a fraction of a second. and do not have to remember any codes unless the system is locked from the scanning method. This was due to an error trying to unlock multiple times. To have to remember the nation what the machine password is.

This is just one example of the closest use of biometric technology in our daily life. Today, this technology is widely used. To help secure in many ways besides the unlock function of the smartphone The technology is also being used in other areas, one of which is very close to the company's HR (fingerprint attendance) and payroll programming.

In terms of terminology, the word biometric is made up of the words bio, meaning living organisms, and metric, which refers to attributes that can be measured or quantified. Refers to the technology to use certain attributes or behaviors in organisms that are unique. and can compare, measure or count to be combined with statistical principles for the benefit of distinguishing, remembering, confirming and identifying the individual It has more than 20 unique identifiers. which can be broadly divided into two types:

Physical characteristics such as fingerprints, palm veins, palm, retina, iris, face, DNA and smell.
Behavioral traits such as sounds, signatures, and typography
Biometric data is a person's physical characteristics such as fingerprints, facial features, iris, voice, as well as behavior that is unique to the individual. make this present We make use of Biometric as a technology to verify or authenticate a person. By taking physical characteristics such as fingerprints, pupils and facial structure. or individual behaviors such as walking style Hand movements and speech sounds are used for classification. By examining physical characteristics and computer technology together.

the uniqueness of the information Therefore, it is unique that no human being has the same. Even identical twins have their own traits that the other twin doesn't, such as fingerprints and iris. Twins are not the same to consider with the eyes Seeing that the external appearance is so similar that they are almost identical, but they are not actually the same. Biometrics are separable, making Biometric a highly secure system. difficult to counterfeit anti lost and with high accuracy Therefore, it is widely used to protect data or assets that require high security.

However, there was once a case of a famous mobile phone brand. Which uses Face ID technology to unlock faces, but Face ID creates a story because "inseparable twins" allow another twin who is not registered with Face ID to unlock the device to use. Even though reality shouldn't be like that

It is therefore interesting how much Face ID can actually tell the difference between similar faces if the Face ID system is unable to differentiate the faces of the twins. Does that mean the security of Face ID technology may be less than other biometric security systems like fingerprint scanning or iris scanning?

Today, we find that biometric technology is widely used. especially the benefits of authentication/identification and the protection of information or assets that require high security As we have commonly used in everyday life. Such as unlocking various electronic devices and logging into financial transactions. Because it is information that reduces the risk of being hacked and forged. Currently, biometric technology is being developed to be more accurate. reduce errors

Biometrics is the security process of using biometric technology to verify the identity of a person. This process uses special solutions for recognizing an individual's face, fingerprints, and voice. I can say that to get briansclub more new skills for managing their crypto. Biometric technologies allow for verifying the identity of individuals through multiple methods such as retina recognition and fingerprint scans. The most common form of identification done with biometric solutions today is with electronic passports and ID cards.

Identity theft is a huge problem in today's society. We have become increasingly dependent on technology, making it easier for others to steal our private information and use it against us. This can lead to identity theft affecting our credit, leaving us struggling with debt or ruining the basis of our daily life. so you can visit how to delete telegram account and delete their telegram account easily. Biometrics is a solution to this problem, allowing you to prove your identity and prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands.


Fishing forum > Using Biometric to prove identity in an era where our identity is easily stolen


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