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Hello Everyone,

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I keep seeing shows on TV showing adult Red Salmons spawning in the streams, you can literally pick them out of the water. I wanted to take my son on a trip to see the salmon spawn. Does anyone know where I can find a place like that? I live in Surrey, the closest thing that came close to that is seeing salmons swimming and jumping out of the water in the Vedder Canal. Thanks

There are LOTS of places around the Lower Mainland where you can see this.

The species and quantity of salmon that you see will depend on the year and the season.

I will put together a list of places you might want to try after work.
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Stanley Park near the Vancouver Aquarium has a bridge that goes over the salmon stream and you can stand on the foot bridge and look down. You just need to wait until they are spawning to see them.

Thanks Proudcdn samt to you LV
Looking forward to your list.

You should go to weaver creek in a month or 2 ... Its a nice big facility full of spawners....
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Word up tiger, if you want to get involved with the Salmies, phone the Vancouver Aquarium ASAP! Right now they are doing their "Bon Voyage" series and you and your little one get a par (bigger than fry, not yet an adult) to release and a commemorative certificate. It is a great way to introduce kids to conservation. Not sure how the whole thing works, but Im going to guess a fisheries biologist does some small kid friendly talk, and then you get a salmon par to make up a name for and then you all walk down to the creek and let it go. Phone 'em up!

Sucker Creek in Hope is an excellent spot to see coho, chum and pinks in the fall.

Hi pgm400,

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this ... I have been out of the country on business.

Here is a link to a good overview (and directions) to some good sights to check out:

Here are a few more:

1) Kanaka River (Maple Ridge) - "Return of the salmon festival" in October 240th Street (between Lougheed and Dewdney Trunk) celebrates the return of Coho and Chum.

More Info:
East Area Office, Greater Vancouver Regional District Parks
1558 - 200th Street, Langley, B.C. V2Z 1W5
phone: (604) 530-4983
fax: (604) 530-5251

2) Hyde Creek (Port Coquitlam) - "Hyde Creek Salmon Festival" Sunday November 12th at 1379 Laurier Avenue. This is a fun one to attend as there is usually a BBQ, LOTS of kids activities, site tours and many educational booths inside the rec centre.

More Info:
Hyde Creek Education Centre
Tel 604.461.FISH

3) Adams River (Roderick Haig Brown Provincial Park - between Salmon Arm and Kamloops) - "Salute to the Sockeye." This year is the dominant year for Sockeye returns (every 4 years) and will be a HUGE spectacle. This is WELLL WORTH the drive. Every year there are more than 100,000 people from all over the world visiting this site during its prime three weeks (October 1st - 22nd).

More Info:

4) Brackendale (Squamish Area)(Eagles + Salmon) - This is more for eagle watching but if you time it right you get to see both! The salmon begin running in late October/Early November. The eagles begin gathering in early to mid November.

If you want Salmon viewing - October/November

If you want Eagle viewing - Mid December to Mid January (feeding on all the carcasses)

If you want Salmon and Eagles - Early to mid November

There is a festival held each January that is organized by the Brackendale Art Gallery.

More Info:

Lastly (as someone already mentioned) the Vancouver Aquarium hosts several events each year for the release of alevins and the return of the Salmon.


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Thanks Proudcdn

I was unable to access this site for a while, couldn't reply back. I just move out to Surrey and have no computer. Sorry and thank you for you help

Glad you got the info

the cap has fish in there hatchery right now you should take your kid the ...lots of coho
same with the veders hatcherey in the fall

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