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I'M thinking about getting into bass fishing would like some tips and some lakes

Try Vaseux Lake. It is a really nice lake that is easily accessed by boat. It also provides some decent fishing off of the side of the road. If you don't know where it is, it is located about 10 Km's north of Oliver.


There is some really decent bass fishing in Long Lake in Nanaimo.

Is there Good sized bass in mill lake in abbotford??

i heard duck lake near kootenay lake holds big bass! and shannon lake near westbank has bass lots of small guys though!

yesh but wut about mill lake??
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I read in an outdoor magazine that there are trout, crappie and bass in Mill lake. For bass, fish around the foot bridge on the east side.

slivermere lake 5 min west of mission has good bass fishing,not many poeple fish there!

I go to mill lake for bass fishing. that or boundary lake

I have been trying to find boundary lake...... I gave up now I read a old post and that damn lake pops up......can anyone ease my suffering by giving me directions,it will most likely save my life or sanity!

I have had good luck at Fishtrap creek in Abbotsford.
The biggest I have caught there was around 4.5 pounds.
I have had no luck at mill lake!

are any of those ponds in fishtrap creek park good for bass, or is that what you are talking about, because I have also seen fishtrap creek, the "Creek" just past the airport??



Leeches work awesome for bass; so do jigs, crankbaits (just about any kind of Rapala), frogs, crayfish, Hula Poppers, Red Devils, 5 of Diamonds (Yellow & Black), worms etc.
My point is you can catch both Small Mouth & Large Mouth Bass on just about any kind of bait or lure; they're a million times easier to catch than any kind of trout or salmon because they're almost always in an "aggressive" mood, and that's one of the reasons why people like to fish for them! They also put up a hell of a fight (especially with light gear).

Good luck!
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Texas Rig a ruber worm- paddle tail or another variation- and put a slip bullet shaped slip sinker on it. K, that was confusing, haha. Here: slide the slip sinker onto your line, then tie on your hook. Texes rig the worm onto the hook. Cast it out into the cover. It should barely snag up because of the texas-rigging, and jig it back towards you. The bass will mostlikely inspect it on the downfall and as you go to lift they will attack it. Another awesome method is to use a tube-jig and cast it out into weedy areas and let it actually "snag" up in the weeds. Jostle it around until it looses up and then snap the tube out of the weeds into the open water. Bass will go nuts for this, but mostly in the spring when they are more agressive.
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curly tail grub never fails. Crank baits work most of the time but grubs like the curly tail never fail. Rooster tails are one of the best lures ive ever fished for bass. also tube jigs texan style like louis said is awsome. Although spin casting is fun, bass on the fly (poppers) is amazing.THe acrobatics are just amazing to watch. Top water lures are pretty much the same as poppers.spoons work well also but stick to soft plastics.

If you are willing to do a little traveling, the best lakes in the province for Bass fishing are Leechand duck lakes in the Kootneys. I Went there last summer and we were catching on every second or third cast. I was using a bass fly and the wife was using a crank bait. I think that the fly slightly outfished the crank but only by a small amount. The average fish was around 2.5-3 pounds but we did manage a few in the 6-7 pound range and i caught one that was a wopping 9 pounds. U can fish from a boat or from shore, we fished from shore most of the time due to the fact that these lakes are really shallow and full and i mean full of weeds.

Wishing everyone tight lines and tons of fish.

try St. Mary's lake on Saltspring Island. Great fighters and tons of em!

berkley power worms, order em online, thats all i have to say

Where is that pic I was at fish trap and I only found two bridges by the hwy 1 side is that where you were and what lure did you use a grub? or jig?
I want my 5 yr son to learn and unlike my childhood actualy catch one before he is 34 haaa I hope you can help me out

that park is down old yale in abbotsford. It was off the pier and i used a yellow panther martin with a tail of worm. the park is known as elwood park!
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dont forget spider lake in the kootneys as well, some big uns in there

This thread was brought back from the dead lol. Anyways, near Abbotsford, as already stated, Albert Dick Park is great for the numbers of fish and Fishtrap Creek is good for the size of fish although there are still a large number to be caught there.

I was out yesterday at Silvermere lake for the whole day .It was overcast and raining lightly most of the day if not all the day. I used worms and spinner baits of all colors. Not a bite. It`s supposed to be good fishing there . How much does the dark cold weather play the part in bass fishing . Is it that if you get a day like that ,the fish back off?

Thank you

I found that after a few hot days they really turn on!

Bass prefer warm weather and sunny days as long as the water doesn't heat up too much. It is possible that a cooler overcast day could put the fish outta there biting mood.

I would say weather plays a part! Just got back from St.Mary's, and usually catch 15-20 fish a day, but the lake was windy(as it is most of the time), and overcast with mostly rain. I managed to bring only 10 fish to the boat in two and a half days, and lost about 5 or so. Not the type of numbers I was hoping for, but when the sun happened to break through for a few hours on Sunday, I brought this one to the boat.

Beauty small mouth!

i have been to shannon there were tons of fish i caught like 10 in 3 hours but none were bigger than 2 pounds.

There's tons of bass in mill lake, such as this one

Are bass good eats?

Man, you just can't win around here! If someone posts a new topic that was addressed on a previous thread, they are chastised for not using the search function. When they use the search function and revive an old thread, they are ripped for that. What the hell is someone supposed to do around here?

Have to agree with the above post. Mr Grey treatment of others on here leaves a lot to be desired lately but don't expect anything to be done about it. There are actually about a half dozen posters here who think their sh#t don't stink and God help the new person who says anything about it.

Boo Hoo about Shannon. It sucks when things are on the other foot after so many lakes have been destroyed by the bass bucket brigade..

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