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Last week while I was unsuccesfully fishing at Buntzen (it was my first time, go easy on me ) I got to thinking about crayfishing. Are there any good spots to catch edible crayfish in the lower mainland? I was thinking that if there were any in Buntzen I would try setting up a trap somewhere while I fish for the day. Also, any tips on how to be more successfull at Buntzen would be killer. I was trolling in a canoe with a willowleaf and a black weddingband, I've been told to go deeper but I'm thinking about just casting off the dock just past the "off leash" area and letting my lure float just off the bottom. Any ideas?

Hey SSB - I know that some of the creeks in the Abbotsford and Chiliwack area have crayfish. I have been to Clayburn Village in Abbotsford and caught them there. There are also eels there. Apparently some people eat them. I think they make good bait.

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Try using flies. If you dont have a fly rod, use your spinning gear (i know, purist might throw up at this, haha) and a couple split shot about three to four feet away from the fly. Use micro leaches and baitfish patterns and just troll around.

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Go for the dock. I had a good time fishing from there last weekend. I was just using a simple spinner and caught one of my first fish. ( I am new)

although I am a novice fisherman, I have been crayfishing since I was 4. Lake of the woods (schkam lake) use to have tremendous amounts of crayfish but the stupid bullheads have killed them off. I have caught crayfish in Devils lake (also hope). In my opinion they taste twice as good as saltwater crusteaceans. The way to catch them is either put some meat (Smoked salmon, bacon, sausage...) inan old stocking and drop it down of a dock to the bottom (3-8ft) The crayfish will grab the meat with it's claws and the claws will kind of stick to the stocking and you just pull him up and drop him in a bucket of water. The other way is to tease him with a lure. He'l get really mad and kind of curl up towards the top of the water. Then you just get the lure under his belly and pull him up(I caught an 8-10 incher like this). Good luck

I find that just a net and stick work fine for crayfish tease them with the stick and put the net behind them. The crayfish will try and swim backwards away from the stick and into the net. Tried tested and true...

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Many of the canals in and around Golden Ears have crayfish in them. I was going to canoe on Pitt lake but the wind came up and instead put in to one of the canals on the way back. While meandering around I was able to grab a few by hand. Additionally I found alot of fresh water mussels. Check the regs.

Cool, thanks guys

SSB let me know if you find any more place to find crayfish. I have been to Clayburn creek in the village there before a couple of years back and they were big. Nothing like a good 'ol crayfish bake.

Jewel Lake has a good population of cray-fish. I havn't been there for a couple of years but have heard that there are still lots of them in there.


hey does anyone know if there are any crayfish in the southern BC interior? my girlfriend's and i wanna trap some but don't know which lake to try.

I think Deer Lake in BBY has them but not sure anymore.

i wouldn't eat anything out of deer lake bby. unclean

thanks for your imput! but i was actually asking about crayfish in the bc interior, like kamloops and surrounding area. any ideas?

we found one about 4 inches long in kalamalka lake

ok so we tried kalamalka lake last weekend, but we came up empty. there was lots of smoke in the air and there was a fireban on. my girlfriend forgot her stove so we needed a fire to cook dinner. we drove up to oyama lake and stayed there for the night and thankfully no fireban, dinner was served! it's a rough road in a car but well worth the drive cuz the fishin was good. i think we might try to catch crayfish in kawkawa lake next time, does anyone know of a good spot for crayfish at that lake?

when i was a kid i used to catch crayfish in lafarge lake, that was a long time ago but you never know thay could still be there

I went crayfishing and dirtbike riding at stave lake so i just put my crayfishing trap in the creek that leads to the lake and you catch bigones ther 10 inches.

Don't be too hard on yourself about the fishing in Buntzen lake now, we are in the summer doldrums big time.I only got one fish the last time I went there several weeks ago, and I was the only guy other than Paul, that I talked to, that got anything.Your best bet is early morning or late evening. If these times are not possible,and your there during the day go deep deep deep! I caught mine using a type 3 full sink line with some split shot on my leader and I was about half way into my backing! Good luck to you

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kawkawa lake has some, visit the southeast side, you'll find a rotten log.... flip it over...

p.s. wear boots

Hey everyone, I am very interested in finding some places in vernon bc or surrounding area to set my cray fish trap does anyone know of some good places. I think these tasty little treats deserve a little more looking into, a crayfish bake sound yummy to me. If anyone has any info on where to catch them that would be great thank you for any replies and happy fishing.....

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