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Known for "butyrate-producing bacteria" found in the intestines of aging people.

In an age of advancementiminextin science, new information about health is becoming more and more popular. For example, the super bacteria in the human body that is receiving special attention in Japan right now is the butyrate producing bacteria. (Butyrate-producing bacteria) to know this type of bacteria. and the reason why Japanese scholars pay so much attention

Known for bacteria producing butyrate.
Good gut health is the foundation of a healthy body. Since 70% of the body's immune system is made up of the gut, lactic acid bacteria are bacteria that have long been known to be good bacteria that improve the intestinal environment. Butyrate-producing bacteria are one of the most popular bacteria these days. that it has an important influence on human health According to the research among elderly people over 100 years old living in the city of Kyotango in northern Kyoto Prefecture. (Cities with elderly people over 100 years old, three times the average elderly people over 100 years in Japan) found a high proportion of butyrate producing bacteria in the intestines of the elderly in those cities.

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Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid produced by this bacterium. It plays an important role in strengthening the legs and hips. to prevent sickness from lying in bed Helps maintain healthy intestinal mucosa It is the energy source of the mucous epithelial cells in the colon. Which serves to absorb water, minerals and excrete mucus to protect the intestines. In addition, butyrate fatty acids enhance the metabolic rate of mucous epithelial cells. Resulting in the use of oxygen in the intestines as well. and when the amount of oxygen is reduced good bacteria such as bifidobacteria On the other hand, it suppresses the growth of aerobic bad bacteria: butyrate fatty acids produced by butyrate producing bacteria help maintain good gut health. resulting in a strong body prevent virus infection Helps suppress the growth of colon cancer cells and help increase the effectiveness of drugs used to treat cancer, etc.

Foods that will increase the amount of butyrate producing bacteria
Although there are approximately 1,000 types of bacteria in the gut, only a few bacteria produce butyrate fatty acids. Foods that may increase the amount of this bacteria in the gut include foods that contain soluble fiber such as whole grains, especially wheat, vegetables, fruit, and seaweed, including wakame, kombu, hijiki seaweed. and nori seaweed, etc.

The intestines are the cornerstone of physical, mental and aesthetic health. Taking good care of your gut health can be achieved by eating foods rich in fiber. Food rich in lactic acid, bacteria, and drinking enough water, etc. We all want to live a long, healthy life to support ourselves. So let's start taking good care of our intestines today.

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