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Causes of daytime sleepiness
The main reason why most people may feel sleepy even more than usual when going to bed at the usual time. is an iron deficiency in the body which is an important component of the hemoglobin protein in the blood Iron deficiency impairs the ability to carry oxygen from the lungs to the various parts of the body. The body's protein hemoglobin decreases. This results in shortness of breath and palpitations. The body's metabolic rate decreases. feeling dull during the day have trouble sleeping until causing you to feel sleepy all the time Iron deficiency can also cause anemia, which makes you feel tired easily. Dizziness and drowsiness too

How to prevent iron deficiency
How to prevent iron deficiency is to avoid eating nutritious fast food. Especially women who tend to lose blood through menstruation should turn to eating nutritious food from the 5 food groups and foods rich in iron, such as yogurt, prunes, animal liver, eggs, clams, Chinese cabbage, spinach. Leng and iron-fortified products such as yogurt or iron-fortified drinks, etc.

Why do we always feel sleepy after eating lunch?
Eating lunch will quickly raise your blood sugar levels. As a result, brain cells produce less of the neurotransmitter protein that stimulates the brain called Orexin, resulting in people feeling sleepy after a meal.

Important factors for preventing drowsiness after lunch is to prevent a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. which can be done as follows

eat slowly and chew thoroughly
slow chewing In addition to gradually slowly increasing blood sugar levels and also makes you feel full This will prevent you from feeling sleepy after meals and prevent obesity.

Eat vegetables, mushrooms and seaweed first.
Dietary fiber contained in vegetables, mushrooms and seaweed, etc., will help slow down the digestion and absorption of sugar into the body. Eating such food before starch is good at preventing a sharp rise in blood sugar levels.

Choose foods that do not cause blood sugar levels to rise easily.
This is done by avoiding foods that are high in sugar and white flour. But choose to eat brown rice, buckwheat, and whole grains. that does not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar

If your friends are experiencing sleepiness all day and after lunch, try this method. But this is another very important method to prevent and fix these problems. is to create a healthy sleep habit that is at least 6 hours a day

Fishing forum > 3 ways to cure sleepiness after eating lunch


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