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I am going to be at the UVIC during the month of July. I am researching flyfishing. If anyone has any guidance to direct my research if would be greatly appreciated.

I am an avid freshwater flyfisher. I have fished stealhead and salmon but spend the majority of my time fishing trout, brown trout, and brookies. I would love to find some information on streams within range of Victoria to fish.

While I have some books they aren't all that good. Any authors or titles that may help would be great. Any general names of watersheds that hold trout would be great. I have maps and such so I don't need directions or "honey holes" or anything super specific.

Thanks Thanks Thanks and Thanks

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sorry i cant help you but nice fish anyway..

welcome to the board
fisher 696

Any book authored by Brian Chan would be a worthwhile read.
Louis Vuitton

Any book by Brian Chan, Skip Morris or Phillip Rowley should be good. Try googling "flyfishing Victoria BC" or a derivitive. There are tonnes of rivers and lakes within an easy drive of UVIC which hold trout, bass, and panfish. Also, whith summer arriving, you'll have the opportunity for Coho off the beaches.

Tight Lines

I live in victoria, about 5 minutes from uvic actually, lakes are the mainstay close to victoria but if you're willing to take a jaunt up the island highway the cowichan river is pretty good, and there are some nice, small, and rarely fished bodies of water from the top of the malahat all the way to the outskirts of nanaimo. I would recomend dropping in to island outfitters and talking to the guys there, they are not only very knowledgable but friendly and very happy to help. If you're looking for some pretty good action and don't mind fishing lakes I would say to try durrance and the back end of thetis lakes in victoria, and spectacle lake which is about an hours drive north of vic.

Try looking up articles and books by Barry Mitchell, Hes got alot of knowledgde on trout and flyfishing!
green guy


try this web site in the forum you will find a ton of people that live on the island that may be some help.

click chatroom then discussion group

good luck!!!!!!!
The Yak

pick up the latest issue of BC Outdoors Sport Fishing Magazine.

It has a lake guide for V.I.

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