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Hey all, I am new to the lower mainland and have been fishing almost every weekend for the past couple months. I haven't had much luck except for the random small fish. I was wondering if someone could suggest some places that I could go to get into some good sized fish. I would like to start some river fishing but I don't have a fly rod yet and no waders. I don't mind driving for a hour or so to get to a lake or river.

Current equipment is 2 spin rods and tackle, and a single person pontoon boat.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is a very helpful resource particularly if you are interested in fishing stocked lakes.

You don't mention where you are located. If you have a car, I would suggest trying the Squamish and Mamquam systems for pink salmon right now and for the next 3 weeks and toward the end of August and early September the pinks will arrive in the Vedder river. After then coho and chum will arrive in most lower mainland rivers.

Please make sure you have the right tidal and non-tidal licences and have read the regulations for the locations you fish in.

Hey, Thanks for the Reply.

I am living in Langley.

Defiantly want to fish salmon when they start running.

I have done some reading of different locations and lakes and bought a book that lists a lot of the lakes in region 2 and 3.

What is the difference in the tidal licence and salt water licence?

I have the basic fresh water currently and plan to buy the Conservation licence soon.

Fresh water allows you to fish non-tidal waters (The Fraser below Mission. See the regs for the boundaries on the tributaries like Stave River etc). Salt Water , or more correctly a Tidal water licence allows you to fish in the ocean plus the tidal portion of the Fraser.
You want bigger trout, there are lots of lakes in area 3 within a few hours drive that have large trout but the fishing can be pretty slow in the hot weather. I'd stick with Knn's advice (as usual Knn!!) and try the area 3 lakes either later this fall or next spring. In the meantime have fun with the salmon.

Hey Cagey, Thanks for the reply.

I will look into Region 3 later in the fall for sure. Thanks for the explanation on the tidal licence.

Cagey; the Fraser below Mission is tidal waters, not non-tidal as you indicated.

Jarvis; take your spinning outfit to the Squamish downstream of the Mamquam and twitch some pink twitching jigs. Reasonable numbers of chrome pinks are now being caught there, particular using this method.

If you don't know how to twitch jigs, well you-tube is your friend:

PS to anyone concerned about reveling spots, this is a very well known location, almost famous and the gong has been rung on a few other sites already.

This is old tread but gold. Hope you are doing well today.

Non-tidal waters can be fished with fresh water. A saltwater or tidal water license permits you to fish in the ocean as well as Fraser's tidal part. When the salmon run, I definitely want to go fishing. see more

If you're looking for larger trout, there are several lakes in Area 3 within a few hours' drive that produce enormous trout, but fishing can be slow in the summer. After that, try out the characters in Kiss of War game.

The article is excellent. I simply wish there was more to learn and read. I wish you all the best of luck. Go here.

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