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I am kinda new to the whole baitcasting reels. I just got my new reel and when i went to try it out i wasn't very impressed in the casting distance. I have a Tatula TWS 100h paired with a 6'6 Cabelas medium heavy fast action rod. I am just wondering how far i should be casting with a 1/4 oz lure. I am casting about 30ft on avrage. Thanks in advance.

Casting a small light spoon 30 feet with a short medium/heavy power and stiff rod is probably about right, but there are a few things you may be able to do to improve that, as follows:

First, have you set up your reel properly? You need to make sure the spool break is setup so that when you release/drop the 1/4 oz lure it falls fairly quickly to the ground; not slowly and not super fast, somewhere in between. Check out this video and others on how best to set up your level wind:

If you have too much break set on the spool it will prevent you from getting birds nests if your casts are not so great, however, the more break that you apply the less distance you will achieve and visa versa. The least amount of break will maximize your distance but increase your chances of getting a huge tangled mess if you have not yet learned to use the reel with sufficient finesse.

Another thing to consider is that a 1/4 oz lure is pretty light for a medium heavy (power of the rod) fast action (this means quite a stiff action) rod, which is only 6 foot long. A 1/4 oz lure is typically used for trout and the best type of rod for this would be a light power, medium action rod rated for 4-8 lbs line rating. This rod will be more flexible and be able to put more whip or power into the lure.

A heavy thicker rod needs a heavy lure to generate load (bend the rod) and cast the spoon. I imagine the rod you purchased is rated to throw up to 3/4 or 1 oz lures.

Considering you have a fairly beefy rod, you may have put some heavy duty line on the reel. I'm guessing, but did you put on 12, 15 or 20 lbs line? The heavier rated the line is, the thicker it is, and the more difficulty it has coming off the reel and through all the eyelets, mainly due to friction. Therefore, a lighter rated line will come off easier and allow you to cast further. For example if you have 15lbs mono on the reel, i.e. to match the power of the rod, you would cast a lot further if you put 8 or 10 lbs line on it.

Please note, a relatively short, medium heavy rod is not designed to throw small light spinners, it is designed more for bigger heavier lures and bigger fish.

8-10 lbs line would be more consistent on a lighter rod with a smaller spoon, which you would use for smaller fish like trout, not fish like salmon for which you would need 15 lbs line.

If you have mono on your reel, you will see a big improvement in casing distance if you swap the mono for a good quality braid. The reason is that for an equivalent strength braid is about half the diameter, so again it comes of the reel quickly and through the eyelets with less drag that mono, resulting in greater distance. I don't use braid on a level wind, however on my spinning set up I use 30 lbs braid (with 8 feet on 12 lbs mono leader) and I can cast it further than straight 12 lbs mono.

Note I said good quality. Make sure to buy good quality braid that is supple and smooth. if you do not already have it on your reel. Not all braids are created equal.

Try setting up the reel properly and let us know if there is any improvement. Once that is in order try casting a heavier 1/2 to 3/4 oz spoon and see what that is like.

PS what line do you have on the reel and what are your target fish?

I agree w/ what was said above and would stress a couple of things:

1: Switch to braid. I love braid. Local shops in the Vancouver area sell braid w/ 20lb or higher test. You can buy 10 lb test online (if you can't get it local) which has the diameter of ~2 lb mono line.

2: Is your brake dial (I think that's what it's called) adjusted loose to the point where you won't get backlash? W/ lighter spoons, you will have to loosen it.

A big part of your problem might be trying to cast a light spoon with heavy mono. line and a med-heavy rod.

Good luck.

Excellent answers ! Level winds can be so much fun until you learn to set them up properly for the particular bait/lure and learn how to use them properly, then they are a dream.

thanks for the advice. I am currently using 25lb powerpro and targeting trout and bass. I have somewhat figured out how to use the casting control but still am learning. would you have any recomendations for a rod that would suite my needs on the cheaper end of things. thanks again

Actually, your setup is great for Pinks this Summer/Fall and casting spoons for Coho this Fall, in my opinion.

For trout and bass, head to favorite local tackle shop or big box store and get a light action rod. It may say it's for 4-8 lb line, but I assume that's for mono. Your 20 lb braid is probably the diameter of 6 pound mono.

Just my opinion.

If you are targeting trout and bass, you are a little over gunned. The rod, reel and line you have will let you catch most salmon!

As suggested get a light action rod, rated in the range of 4-8 lbs line. The make and model is entirely up to and your budget. You can still use your reel and line, just add 6-12 feet of 6-10 lbs mono, or I prefer florocarbon, to the end of the braid, using a double uni knot (adding the mono or floro is to reduce line visibility bit also to protect your rod. Using 20 lbs braid on a rod rated for a maximum of 8 lbs may result in a broken rod if you have not set your drag properly. ).

Generally most people use a smaller spinning reel with a light spinning rod, but to save money there is no reason you cant use the bait caster to chuck spoons or twitch jigs etc.

The reason is that an equivalent strength braid is about half the diameter, so again it comes off the reel quickly and through the eyelets with less drag than mono, resulting in greater distance.

Because a similar strength braid is about half the diameter of mono, it comes off the reel rapidly and passes through the eyelets with less drag, allowing for a longer distance.

To produce load (bend the rod) and cast the spoon, a hefty thicker rod requires a heavy lure.

Read here >>>

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he heavier rated the line is, the thicker it is, and the more difficulty it has coming off the reel and through all the eyelets, mainly due to friction.
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