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I recently bought a new fly reel and it came with line on it, how can i tell which weight it is i.e. 6,8, etc.

should be a number on reel
like mine is fenwick dcc56 which is 5-6#

although that is helpful, I meant the line

You cant tell what weight your line is unless you bought it but usually you match weight with reel/rod

make closer picture of rod with info on it , and reel both sides , for sure should be info after you provide pictures lol

Pulled this off another forum -- "The line weight that is usually put on the fly line package is determined by the grain weight of the first 30 feet of line. This is the industry "standard" way of determining line weight.
Now, per the standard
6wt 160 grain
7wt 185 grain
8wt 210 grain
9wt 240 grain
One gram is approx 15.5 grains, so you be using your scale in the range of 10 to 15 grams. Hopefully it is accurate to about 1/2 gram."

Awesome site i love it keep posting more!

Fishing forum > Fly fishing


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