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I want to catch some largemouth bass, but I don't know where to go, preferably not to far from surrey. Also what should i use?

There are some places around surrey. Trinity western is probably closest but not the best. Albert dyck, mill, and fishtrap all have bass in them as we'll. I don't know exactly what would work but worms are always safe. I would probably also have some yum fingers on hand

If you don't mind heading west, there's Deer and Burnaby lakes. Access to open water on Burnaby lake can be a little difficult, with lots of weeds and pads, and shoreline brush.

Try silvermere lake off rocks by hiway pull out goin west bound

Deer lake is not bad at all

If you don't mind making a run for the boarder, there are some good lakes in WA. Cool website:

You can purchase 1 and 3 day fishing licenses online.

1-2lb is normal

What are you using in deer lake, I go in a canoe and troll an xrap, but the biggest I got out of there was maybe 3/4 lbs

And deer lake is surprisingly fast to get to from surrey, if the highway is clear.

I do not troll for bass. They are close to structures close to shore. Even the deck itself provide good shelter for bass.

Caught large one on flies, but mostly are small ones. To catch large bass, rubber grubs or large rubber worm work best.

The only thing found in bass stomach is small bass or tiny pumpkin seeds.

Blaming bass for threatening salmon is simply no clue what they are talking.

There is no evidence of bass threatening salmon population, even in official DFO reports.

Even in Deer lake itself, bass occupied shallow area while trout and salmon only are found in the middle deep area. I fish deer lake a lot, in the early spring, there are tons of salmon fries jumping, but the bass are still hibernating. in the summer month, salmonaids will hide no where to be found. but definitely will not show up in shallow area where bass are.

Recently the bass fishing is tailing off, but trout and salmon will show up again.

No doubt a bass will swallow a tiny salmon when they encounter. However, there are tons of salmon eaters such as Cutthroat trout, bull trout. They eat eggs, they eat fries. They are specific salmon feeder. They migrate to depopulate salmon. Will you kill all of the wild trout you caught?

The photo shows baby coho and small coho I caught in Deer lake. There were smaller ones caught but I cannot find the photo. They are thriving and keep peace with bass very well. If bass gouge all of the fries, how could these coho grow?

I probably caught 200 bass this summer. used up three packs of grubs and lost tons of jig head. They are not great game fish. They never pull out much line before surrender. It is salmon season now, why bother bass fishing? better work out Deer lake next summer.

However, the most challenge fish in Deer lake is carp. Early in the morning, schools of carp jump like dolphins. If you caught a 30lb carp, I would not be surprised.

Bass have been around for many years and will be around for many years to come trinity pond have been used for studies and test to eradicate bass in the past years but if u go there in spring and summer you see hundreds cruising the weeds

The report mentioned nothing regarding impact to salmon in BC, Only minnow.

? In shallow lakes of western Washington State, a study of Largemouth Bass diet showed it was responsible for 98% of the predation on Coho Salmon. Extent of impact depends on the size of the lake the coho run passes through and the number of Largemouth Bass present in that lake.

Taken directly from that report ....

That is Washington State. not BC.

Bass can be average above 2lb there, but much smaller in BC. The water body condition is different.

Also, it only says in "shallow lakes" bass affected coho population. Which shallow lakes in BC are coho habitat ?

Why should we be ashamed of ourselves CanadianLatitude? They're a fun fish to catch, especially the bigger ones.

Do you really think catching and killing em is going to make a difference in their numbers? They're too well established in many bodies of water here in the lower mainland.

@TinyFly, there's plenty well over 2lbs here...just gotta find em. Haven't heard of anything bigger than 8lbs.

sorry tinyfly, you are fighting a loosing battle. You ask where there is a shallow lake with coho. Read your earlier posts for the answer. I'll give you a hint. Deer Lake .
Also, the bass in Washington are exactly the same as those in B.C.
We must ensure they do not spread further and somehow control those that have already reached our salmon waters. Bass are apparently already in the Fraser which is scary to me.

Hi cagey, Coho in Deer lake are landlock coho, not run-through coho. They are pretty plenty in Deer lake. Baby bass is the main food for larger bass.

I agree to all the means to control bass spread except killing all the catch.

The No.1 fly to catch bass is a muddler minnow pattern with extra long tail which I believe mimic a baby bass. The best grub is brown and olive curly tail also similar to a baby bass. These lure can gun down all of a school of bass in 15 mins.

However, when I switch to salmon fry pattern, the chances of catching large bass are rare.

Tinyfly- I think you are missing the big picture.It's not just about salmon.Infact , it's you that brought up salmon.It's about an entire ecosystem .Let's start with the humble minnow.Herons, kingfishers, cutthroat ,char,SALMON and other species all eat soft ray minnows.But it's ok, bass only eat minnows.
Bass have been proven to change the ratio of zooplankton and diatoms in lakes.The poor minnow gets screwed again.
You seem to be basing most of your opinion on Deer Lake.There are several areas in the Fraser Valley where bass have taken hold in backwaters.Prime rearing habitat for native species.
It's not just bass either.Some of the truly short sighted think it's a good idea to use pearch and pumpkinseed as live bait.What could go wrong?These bait fish also compete with native species for food.

I get it.Bass are here and some people like to fish for them.That's not going to change.The problem I have is people suggesting they are no big deal and down play the impact they have on the whole system.
I guess bass only eat salmon fry in Washington ??

Well put. I live less than 1/4 mile from Phillips Lake. When I moved here to Turtle Valley 10 years ago Phillips Lake was full of Perch and Bass.
The turtles had almost disappeared. I was told the lake used to be full of turtles as well as some trophy R'bow and brookies. It seemed strange there were so few birds around. The Wildlife dep't decided to treat the lake. The found 1000's of perch and bass but not one trout. The biologist explained that the perch and bass do not stop at the edge of the bullrushes when they feed as trout do. They cleaned every bug almost out of the lake starving the trout, birds and turtles. After they treated the lake the turtles began to come back. There are 1000's of birds now and the sky goes black in the summer with dragonflies. None of these existed until they treated the lake. that is an example of how the ecosystem is chanhged by bass and perch. By the way, we can now catch 10 pound trout, bows and brookies. Never underestimated the devastating effect they have.
And tinyfly, I could be corrected but I do not believe there are coho stocked in Bby Lake with the intention of them being landlocked. I strongly suspect there is a salmon bearing creek involved.

Bought a lot of one dollar micro spinner from Basspro. It works phenomenally well for small to medium size bass. I cast for one hour, rarely missed even one cast. Crazy. I did not know spinner was so effective.

Saw a proposal from DFO back in June and they will be approaching MOE to change bass regs - any bass caught does not go back in the water also no bag limit. Can't wait!!!

This is just fine by me

Areas around Pitt Lake can be good for Largemouth

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