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Author Topic: Thoughts on when tidal Fraser will open?

Happy Friday everyone. Any thoughts or bets on when the tidal Fraser will open?
Salmon should be hitting the Vedder in a couple of weeks. It would be nice to go for them on their way there.
Any thoughts? What's the over/under? By Sept 7th?

I'm guessing after.But just after.I figure they'll open it before the the weekend, so 8/9th.
Most of the sox should be through by then.

When the wind allows it,there are good reports of springs off the mouth starting to circle.

mid October , it is always closed in September for early cohos to go by

early September, say the 3rd. They have a lot of pressure to open and the sox are almost all through. There might be a bate ban for coho but springs should open.

Yup, bait ban into October , yes.
No way will it stay closed till then.

Fishery Notice


ABORIGINAL - General Information
COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Gill Net
COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Seine
COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Troll


FN0944-Salmon - Fraser River Salmon Update - Areas 11 to 29 - September 1, 2016

As a result of the smallest return of Fraser sockeye on record, the level of
harvest already incurred and the uncertainty about the survival rate of sockeye
that have been exposed to harmful environmental conditions within the Fraser
River, there will be no food social and ceremonial or recreational fisheries
directed on sockeye or any other salmon species which would result in sockeye
mortalities in the immediate future.

Opportunities for selective chinook directed food, social and ceremonial
fisheries are being considered for the September 17th time period which is
generally when Fraser sockeye have cleared the lower Fraser on this cycle.
Recreational opportunities for chinook directed fisheries are also being
considered beginning September 19th in the lower Fraser River. Earlier opening
dates may be considered if the Whonnock test fishery sockeye catches drop to
zero over three consecutive days and the Albion chum test fishery net also has
no sockeye catch over 2 consecutive chum fishing days during the same time
period indicating that sockeye migration has cleared the lower Fraser. (Note
that the Albion chum net is fished on only on odd-numbered days in September).

Catch data for the Whonnock and Albion test fisheries can be found at the
following websites:

Albion chum test fishery

PSC Test Fishing Summaries (click on the link for Whonnock)

For clarity, any fisheries occurring in this time period will be subject to
selective fishing provisions normally implemented during the coho window
closure. Gill net fisheries will not be permitted during the coho window


Jennifer Nener 604-666-0789

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0944
Sent September 2, 2016 at 1054
Steelhead matt

The river will be open to Chinook and Chum fishing on September 19th.
All salmon species: Sept. 19, 2016 - Oct. 7, 2016: The use of bait is prohibited.

all still closed

Bait ban , yes
Salmon fishing is open
Steelhead matt

Yeah the Fraser is open for Chinook an chum they only have the bait ban to protect the coho. Still can use bait for sturgeon tho

lol I can use bait for sturgeon and for trout (dollies/bull trout) also few by-catches of big bull trout was notices on sturgeon set up with ooligans/roe as bait , so I won`t be surprised to hear someone hooked into spring . But I still don`t know what I would do in that situation it is by-catch , but it is legal to keep that`s why ill stay away from fraser till oct8 and go fully armed :D

Fishing forum > Thoughts on when tidal Fraser will open?


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