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Hi I'm just getting into steelhead fishing id like to know some of the standard baits for the vedder or any other river. I'd love to see pics to!


roe / roe sacks / single eggs , shrimp

I have some plastic single eggs how should I rig them. I saw someone rig them with wool is that how do you do it?

Jigs, Colorado blades & pink worms can't be forgotten either... Beads are quite productive and gaining in popularity as well... Never a bad thing to have more in your Arsenal depending on conditions...

This is worth a watch, it's a series on steelhead basics

Thanks for your reply
I picked up some plastic worms and a pre-rigged plastic egg.

If you are going to use roe, make sure you do not cure it with anything containing sulphites. Steelhead dont like sulphites, unlike eg:springs wwhich are sulphine junkies. Either go fully natural or find a cure which is sulphite free.

Other methods include cocktail shrimp, wool, single egg above wool, colorado blade, worm, jigs. all produce. But even with all this, you could go all season without landing a single steelhead. It's a beautiful thing

I have fallen foul of the have not caught anything and assuming I was using the wrong thing and spent (wasted) much of my time constantly swapping between different set ups.

I would suggest picking 2 or 3 at most and sticking with them. Such as roe, worms and blades, or jigs, worms and blades, etc. I know some very good anglers that only fish with one set up.

Its always good to change up to something very different if everyone is chucking the same thing, which is most often roe.
Steelhead matt

I always like to have lots of options when I'm fishing for steelhead. Colorado blades, single eggs, spin n glows, plastic worms, gooey bobs, shrimp, roe, roe sacks

I generally use wool or roe . Peach over pink from nov-feb and orange&white in the spring. sometimes a very small gooey bob with white wool works well too. If it starts to rain and the river visually rises I will put on a pink worm.
Caught my first steelhead of the season the other day . Got her on roe, a nice 7 lb or so hatchery,felt great to get one, it's been a long time coming, usually I get a few in December .had a lil bit of rain today,maybe I will catch one tomorrow at my fav river!!

Tightlines .

Good luck Mike. I was out last week and hooked one using a trout bead but it came off after a couple runs. Going out again Thursday. Maybe I can hook another.

Thanks everyone! I have picked up lots of worms and have made roe sacs. I also have wool and shrimp.

Ghost Shrimp........ aka "bugs"

Probably thee best for early season steelheading, the later on the season gets that's when I find that having bugs in my arsenal is less of an emergency, this is when I tend to go with simple offerings like colorado blades, pink worms, etc etc.

From December to the end of February I almost feel naked if I go to the river without bugs in the bait pouch, they have out fished any other bait I have ever used and I've been steelhead fishing for probably a good 40 years now.

Good luck out there.

Really? Bugs work for sure but lately for me some fresh boraxed Steelhead roe is just killing it.

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