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Hi does anyone have experience fishing the Coquitlam river for steelhead?

The coquitlam is an extremely fragile system, if your looking for steelhead there are much better options (Vedder, chahalis, etc) that have hatchery programs in effect. The coquitlam is best left alone after years of gravel extraction took its toll on the system

Go give it a try. The only people that think it is fragile are ones that do not want you to find their 'spot'...

I do not nor have I fished the coquitlam, so your "theory" is nothing more then BS. Years of gravel extraction and the fact the MOE shut down the hatchery program due to poor practices(i.e.: not clipping all smolts adipose fins) for the flow has made it a fragile system. It's "anglers" like you that extend the rebound of streams, rivers etc because you think everyone is out to protect there "spot" ! Ever consider the crazyyyy possibility some of us are trying to protect the resource?

Good luck catching a steelhead out of that river.
It is best left alone as it is fragile and there are other rivers that will produce better.

If you are in the area, don't waste time on the Coquitlam river, head over to the Alouette.
Make sure you read the regs. Fishing is allowed only in certain areas, I believe.

Ok I will try the Alouette any tips on that river?

It's a smaller river, so, small presentation. Fluorocarbon leader w/ small float. You may even want to make sure that your shadow or silhouette aren't seen by the fish (be careful if standing by the river edge). Plan on doing lots of walking. Fish a spot a few minutes and then move on. Start at sunrise. As I mentioned earlier, read the regs to see where you can and can't fish.

Don't leave any valuables in your vehicle in the alouette area... been on the receiving end of that enough times that I just don't go there.

Could just be my luck but FYI

Good luck

I`d rather go to capilano vs coquitlam if you targeting steelheads

Allouette is a waist of time also a "fragile" system more fish in the cap or even the symore .... Same technique as allouette in both other streams.... If your close to coquitlam never hurts to get your rod wet you never mnow what you might get maybe a 13lbs steelhead??

Keep in mind that currently Seymour River is shut down for all fishing year round!

Fishing forum > Coquitlam river steelhead


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