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Hey guys, have any of you fished the vedder for pinks yet? Im thinking of heading out on thursday and wondering if they are in there yet?

With the rain we've had, and will continue to have, Thursday may be a little tough. The river is pretty dirty.

Pinks are in there yup.

Fraser Valley Salmon society posted this on FB:

Chilliwack Vedder River was fishing well for pinks using shrimp and pink jigs but the recent rain has made the river quite muddy at times.

Of course good to see the rain for the fish, cooler water temp's and more areas for the pinks to start their spawning ritual.

Watch for the water to clear for some great fishing, and the prized coho salmon will soon be sneaking in with the large white chinooks right behind followed by the chum salmon.

Great days ahead for fall fishing and before you know it, it will be steelhead time.

Started your Christmas shopping yet, well that is rushing it some.

Was there Sunday flyfishing... It was steady action for about 3 hrs on a chartreuse rolled muddler. Those pinks are great on the 6wt!

Was their sunday and tuesday both days caught over 20 pinks (kept 3 between the two days) lost a spring the fly with homemade flashy pink flies... Its funny though ppl are fishing standing to far out all the fish were traveling behind them lol

Thanks Vancity.

How ere the fish, still fairly bright or starting to green up?

Was it busy, have the hordes descended?

Was their today gong show to say the least. Still clean fish depending were your fishing

Loads of action in the tidal Fraser tonight.

Pink spinners and some weight to get it out 30yd, fish on every 1-6 casts.

Mine and buddies catch from today gonna try for some springs sometime this weekend

enjoy them while you can. the latest estimate for pinks is only 6 million. late run sox are way down from 4 yrs ago which I believe forms the Adams River run. For some reason it is taking a big hit almost every year now. even last year was way down from the big run of 4 yrs previously.

Good numbers going through right now, quickly landed my two tidal and two non-tidal pinks this morning (above and below the Mission bridge). First Nations were raking the river with their nets and lots of annoying pike minnows about.
Unfortunately; the bottom bouncers are wrecking havoc way upriver in spite of warnings of another closure or spot closures if they continued to do so. Be interesting to see what happens.
Test fisheries have been hampered by weather the last week, so hopefully the run size is a lot larger than their last estimate.

Mission bridge and mission CPR bridge are completely different.

Lol "Mission bridge" could mean either bridge as they are both bridges in Mission, but assumed people here knew I was talking about the railway bridge boundary between tidal and non-tidal Fraser River.
Incidentally, the fish seem to be much further out upriver of the (railway) bridge than below. Yes I had to get my feet wet haha

Glad you could clarify in case any one who can't read regs sees your post and decides mission bridge is the boundary and not the mission railway bridge.

Got out this morning for tidal pinks. High tide at mission bridge seemed about 6am and the fish were everywhere. Died right off by 930.

Hope the vedder is producing for those looking in this thread lol

Was out again this morning for an encore (tidal and non tidal). While watching someone bringing in one that was hooked in the back; I made a polite comment emphasizing the foul hook situation. He just said F***it and kicked it up the bank. Come on Guys they are easy to catch legally, it's mind boggling to witness something like that.
I try to help people who are having trouble when I can; give them advise or one of my "secret" lures or even lend them my rod. Hopefully it makes a difference.

From what i read in the regs its a two pink daily limit for all region 2 witch means 2 fish total does not matter tidal or non tidal witch means if your in tidal and catch two your done for the day

Also if you catch two in the freshwater you cant go to the tidal and catch 2 more any questions contact dfos hot line and ask

Got my first river fish there yesterday floating roe.

Hooked into 3 by casting into a calmer seam in some pretty choppy water but two broke off, then went a little farther along the river and found some really nice water and got another.

Was there for about 4hrs. As we were getting ready to leave, a newby turned up. I gave him the basic rundown on how to set up his kit and how to set the float depth and all, and he proceeded to limit out in 15 minutes.

Beginners luck, right?

I also noticed that river pinks taste way more like trout, and that ocean pinks taste more salmony. Interesting...

@vancity; The tidal fraser is in Area 29, not region 2 as you imply. Tidal limits are independent of freshwater limits and often differ. You are allowed a two pink daily limit in Area 29 fraser river and a two pink limit in Region 2 fraser river and a combined aggregate daily salmon limit of 4.

It should also be noted that you need separate licenses to fish both Area 29 Tidal Waters and Region 2 Freshwater.

My mistake .. I did mean region two i had a brain fart.. But what i ment was you cant go from system to system in region two to get your daily quota of 4 because region 2 is a total limit of 2 pinks

Still huge numbers in the river. Only a small percentage are bright now. Still a lot of fun though, especially on the fly.

Caught a bunch of pinks today, and lost a nice 20lb spring 2 feet from shore. What a let down!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are coho or springs showing up in any decent numbers yet?

Caught more pinks then a native could fit in the back of his truck too bad they were all pretty colored... Had one coho. I was twitching a pink and white curly tail grub (without float)

Fishing forum > Pinks in the Vedder updates?


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