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Category(s): RECREATIONAL - Salmon

Subject: FN0681-Salmon: Non-tidal Waters of Fraser River - Region 2 - Selective Fishing Opportunities During Thompson Coho Timing Management Measures


Region 2: Fraser River Non-Tidal Waters (CPR Bridge at Mission
upstream to the Alexandra Bridge)

Effective September 8 to 21:
- Selective fishing opportunities for pink and chinook salmon.
- Pink salmon remain open at 4/day, minimum size 30cm.
- Chinook salmon remain open at 4/day only one over 50cm, minimum
size 30cm.
- No fishing for sockeye or coho salmon.
- A natural bait ban while salmon fishing.

Effective Sept 22 to Oct. 10 – No fishing for salmon.

DFO will be monitoring the recreational fishery during these time
periods to ensure there is no fishing for sockeye and coho salmon.

Variation Orders No: 2003-413 & -414.

This reflects a change to the BC Freshwater Salmon Supplement. The
online version of this guide will be updated within 24 hours of this
notice, please browse:

For more information contact your local DFO office or call our
sockeye phone line at 604-666-8266 press 3.

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0681
Sent September 3, 2003 at 15:53:20


Tidal Fraser is going to be closed for salmon fishing by September 15. Right now there is a bait ban already in place below Mission bridge.

Fishing forum > NO FISHING FOR SALMON IN FRASER - Sept 22 to Oct. 10


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