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Test fishery show substantial increase of pink salmon in Fraser river:

26 Aug - 13 pinks, 21 chinooks
27 Aug - 32 pinks, 27 chinooks
28 Aug - 59 pinks, 27 chinooks
29 Aug - 91 pinks, 10 chinooks
30 Aug - 59 pinks, 20 chinooks
31 Aug - 99 pinks, 8 chinooks
1 Sept - 165 pinks, 12 chinooks
2 Sept - 195 pinks, 9 chinooks

There is also a lot of pinks in the salt water just getting ready for their journey up the Fraser and other rivers.

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Salmon fishing on the Fraser River continues to be very good. Good numbers of Chinook salmon between 15-30 lbs are being caught on a consistent basis as well as many Pink salmon between 3-5 lbs. There is still good numbers of sockeye salmon migrating up the Fraser. These fish must be kept in the water and released in a manner least harmful to the fish. You can expect this great fishing to continue and improve over the next few weeks. It’s hard to believe the season has just got started; great fishing opportunities will last well into November.

Trophy Fish

The Harrison run of Chinook salmon should be entering the river system anytime. These fish are larger than average with lots in the 30-45 lb range. This fishery is mostly catch and release with some retention permitted below the highway bridge. (Please check regulations for updates and boundaries) You can target Harrison Chinook by either casting spoons and spinners in the lower river near the confluence, casting fly’s in the main Harrison flow up river or pulling plugs in the faster water near the aquarium. One of the more popular and productive methods of catching these fish is to target them in the Fraser before they reach the Harrison. Bar fishing/Plunking is probably your best bet to tag into these monsters. Try fishing the bars directly below the Harrison confluence. Plunking your standard red cap or green cap /chrome Spin n glo’s would be your best producers.


Sturgeon fishing has been fair to good this week. We hooked into a few larger fish in the 5-7 foot range as well as good numbers of smaller fish between 3-4 feet. Our friends from Full Contact Fishing were out this week looking for that trophy sturgeon. Their guests for the two days were Mark Crawford, coach of the Vancouver Canucks and son Dillon and retired Maple Leaf and Vancouver Canuck tough guy Tiger Williams. We managed to find Mark and Dillon a couple trophy fish in the 6-7 foot range but Tigers luck was not as good. We did find Tiger a few 4 footers but not that big one that he was looking for. Hopefully we can do a little better this week as we have a few more NHL guests looking for that trophy fish. For more information and scheduling for Full Contact Fishing, visit their website.

What to expect

Sturgeon fishing is just now coming into prime season. Most years we do not consider it prime season until we get closer to the end of September but on odd years when we have large Pink salmon runs, sturgeon fishing turns on a few weeks earlier. Although we would like to catch 6- 8 footers every day, it is not realistic. On average we consider anything over 4 feet a good fish, fish over 6 feet a great catch, anything over 8 feet a trophy. Most outings we can produce a few of those fish in the 4 - 6 foot range but as we get closer to October/November those trophy’s become much more regular. We are expecting some great sturgeon fishing opportunities right through until late November so take advantage of our November discounts, the weather is still very good.

Targeting Coho and Vedder River Salmon

Summer is now over, fall is approaching fast, and so are the Coho and Vedder River salmon runs. Most of our smaller local rivers are starving for water; the Vedder River is no exception. Anglers looking to target Vedder River Coho, Chinook and Pinks are probably best off to concentrate their efforts near the confluence of the Sumas/Fraser. The confluence area is a great place to spend the day either trolling or casting spoons and spinners. You don’t need a large boat to access this area, Barrow town Pump Station located off Hwy 1 give anglers easy access by boat. Small car toppers and a tide guide is all you need. It’s best to access the canal on an incoming tide, fish until the tide turns and begins to flow outwards. Once you see a good hard flow out, time to head in unless you feel like walking your boat back. Best Lures for this area are Gibbs Croc’s, Tea Spoons, Ultra Lures and Koho’s in various sizes. You can either troll or drift and cast.

Tight Lines and we'll see you on the water.

Vic Carrao
STS Guiding Service
604 880-FLYS (3597)
604 671-FISH (3474)
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Fishing on the Fraser River remains good. With the closure of Sockeye, no retention fishing continues to be very good for both Chinook (Kings) as well as Pink Salmon. Fishing with a lot less people on the River is a little more relaxing. With the River at about 24 inches of visibility we are hoping to do some more bar fishing in the days to come. We have seen so many Chinook (King) Salmon being hooked and fought in the past weeks, it is still well worth getting out there for the opportunity of battling these incredible fish. The Pink Salmon are definitely beginning to show up in greater numbers and are a lot of fun to catch as well. These fish put up a pretty good battle, especially on the Fly Rod. Sturgeon fishing continues to be productive and well worth the time spent out there.

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Well Sockeye fishing is now closed and you know it is actually quite releiving as one can now go out to the Fraser and find a decent spot to fish and relax....there are more pinks moving in to the system every day and these fish are still very bright at this time of the year....Chinook fishing is still going strong with an opportunity to BAR fish for them , many guys are out and getting lots of fish, water clarity is 18 to 24 inches which is fantastic for bar rigging....another reminder to clean up your junk from the banks especially line that is left or snagged onto, with many people using fireline the birds and animals that live on the bars can get caught up in this stuff and really have a tough time as this line does not break down for a long time

We still have PRIME dates for SALMON fishing for SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER and all species in the fall Give us a call to book your FALL Fishing Experience

STURGEON fishing is now improving all the time with the sockeye in the river and now the PINKS moving in .....still you will have some tough days so move around if you are not getting bites within half hour...this fishery will continue to turn on right through to late November.

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Fishing on the Fraser continues with great Chinook numbers and increasing Pinks daily. The river is very fishable for bar angling, jig or lure fishing and if you like to fly fish the river offers numerous riffles that will hold the plentiful pinks. The bottom bouncers are doing well. The Fraser will remain open to retention of pinks until September 20th this year. Chinook fishing should remain good through to the end of October. Sockeye retention is now closed, please take every effort to ensure that these fish are released unharmed. The best way is to keep the fish in the water. Reach down and unhook with pliers or disgorging tool. Almost 100% of these fish are hooked on the lip and there is nearly zero chance of them not surviving if you take the care in handling them by not dragging the fish up the beach. For anglers interested in Sturgeon the fishing has been very good.


It is time for the Coho and Pinks to show up but the river is extremely low. We need rain badly and if we get it the river will turn on in a big way. There are Coho and Pinks in the system right now and every day will see an increase in numbers. Some anglers are checking the Vedder Canal or mouth of the Sumas for early fish that probably are staging on the tides. These fish are best caught on spinners early in the morning or late evening on the high tides.

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Fraser is full of pinks! Fishing at Pegleg is great. Check the latest fishing report.

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