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I sent this tongue in cheek... in to Rodneys forum..I guess it was too much
for him..He kicked my butt off the site...I have been banned...Maybe I was too gross...watta you

Joe Jerkwater...I'm average age male...and lived in B.C. all my life...I
think my favorite sportfishing is snagging Sockeye..they are the easiest and
the best tasting..I also like to snag as many as I can for all my friends
when we go fishing...and catching and releasing snagged sockeye is high on
my list..what fun...there are lots of them so what if a few die...The first
nations catch lots ...why not me...
After Sockeye I like to snagg Springs in the Fraser..they are so big and
have been in good numbers this year...What fun.the bar fishing
waiting for them to bite is too slow..Snaggig is the way of the future, many
of my fishing friends do this now...even the ones that I thought were so
pure.....and they are usually those red ones..beautiful...snaggin humpies is
fun too but after 10 or so gets to be a drag...If I cant find anyone to give
them to ..I let em go..because most of my fish Freezerburn anyway.....then I
reckon snaggin in the Vedder is high on my list...we learned how to snag
them in the Fraser real good...It is a cinch to whack those brutes in
Vedder...Fish on Fish on..Music to my ears...
This year the humpies will be here..I will try to catch some in mouth cus
they bite not bad...but...who cares..theres lots of em...Coho dont snag
quite as easy so I usually try to make them bite...I guess there is less of
them...Snagging Steelhead is a real art..I have not been succesful yet...but
give me time..people are learning more and more about it...
Well thats a long winded story..but anyway happy fishing to all...remember
thers lots of em...and the natives get thier share why not us...
good fishing be sure to kill them all...

Joe J.


Posting messages like that is one thing. But if I will see you on the water actually snagging fish - I will report you and I am prepared to spend my time in the court.

As for natives - their methods and ignorance is a disappointment, but it does not mean other people have the right to violate the law.

I hope you will reconsider.

It was tounge in cheek...This is the opposite of what I think fishing should be....Unfortunatley there are people out there like this....
It is good to hear you think it stinks...

Thank you.

Whether you say this "tongue in cheek" I think you're way out of line. That's definately not Sport Fishing and sets the worst kind of example for undisciplined anglers. No wonder Rod's forum kicked your butt. That was a good move.


JOE J. You are the biggest loser !! By the sounds of it
you definetly need a attitude adjustment!!

OF course that letter is out of line...but there are a lot of people like that out there..this floss snagging is a discusting way to fish and has spread from the Fraser Sockeye to all the salmon and into into all our river systems Big Time...Fishers learned that "flossing"..the nice on just about any kind of fish...There are young people out there now that don't know any other way to fish ....and you guys think the letter is out of line...It was put there to embarrass this type of fisher...but I guess there is just to many of em...

Do you consider bottom bouncing = flossing?
Do you think there were less people bottom bouncing 5 years ago?

I think Joe J should be caught and thrown into a pool of
man eating sharks or be used as live bait for Deep sea
fishing. O.k , maybey thats extreme , lets just hope he
gets caught and fined.

I consider flossing...or drifting your line thru a huge school of fish with the intent to stick the hook somewhere in the vicinity of the fishes mouth and hook it without the fish having any intent to bite (because of hunger or aggression)...Most people know when they are doing this but because it is easy and gives them great bragging rights are in complete denial...
I think most people flossing(snagging) have a very difficult time fishing any other way...except for many who don't care how they fish and want to post numbers or harrass these fish with with great delight...
It started with the sockey for the most part because they do not bite very well in the Fraser but has become
our mentality now... soi when you are thru with the slaughter on the will be in the middle of the
killing fields of the Vedder....1 out of 6 fish caught on Fraser this year were springs...mostly caught in the the math...the stats are out there..
6000 springs 35000 sockey end of Aug..
I should relax tho...I think we will have gear restrictions soon to put a stop to this embarrasment..there was a taste of that already this year..

Have a great day and floss away...

and Sure I think you can bottom bounce without the INTENTION of snagging..depends how you do it...

Anonymous, this is getting ugly ... I certainly disagree with your statement that there are many people that are snagging fish. Maybe there are some, but I seldom see anyone making multiple strikes during one cast.

As for numbers - number of fish being taken by sport fishermen over a year equals daily catch of a couple of commercial vessel or so. Not to mention hostile fishing by natives.

At the same time sport fishermen are the ones who pay for all of the hatcheries, management and supervsion. Not only sport fishermen pay for licenses, but they spend a lot of money to support the economy in many different aspects. An average fishermen spends $2,000/year on their hobby (travle, gaz, tackle, etc.). Most of us spend a lot more.

When a year ago Hope closed Scale Bar city budget lost 1/4 of its revenues! Think about it.

how about fly fishing? the longest leader of all times!

instead of abusing people, just register at the site and post fishing reports with your name here and tell us what technique you are using. untill then i assume you are a major flosser yourself, anonymous joe.

Bottom bouncing on the Fraser has been the worse thing to hit the Fraser River the last few years. It is not about the amount of fish caught which granted is the lowest of all 3 user groups it is the way fish are caught. Flossing is just another word for snagging. Do not try to fool yourself as the fish are not biting. If you need to catch a fish by this method to take a fish home that is your choice at the moment. The time will come when DFO will bring a halt to this method of fishing I would think. Joe J is just telling it as it is.

Enough of this topic. Anonymous, you've made your point ad infinitum.

Enough of this topic. Anonymous, you've made your point ad infinitum.


jj to annon..thanks.... at least ..there is someone who gets it...

Alex..most of the sox are flossed(snagged)there is no difference in the terms except flossed is a gentle way to say snagged...maybe it is the only (but ugly) way to catch sox in Fraser...but the springs are getting whacked this way big time,....I live in Chilliwack..I have fished these rivers for over 50 years..I have coffee every day with guys who floss salmon and brag about it...we have great discussions..I used to be a sockeye flosser until I seen it spreading from sockeye to every species but I seen the light...and as good as sockeye are to eat is is not worth it to me anymore...
Why am I such a scumbag to want to fish with the intention of getting them to bite...Its a shame to see those big Thompson-Chase springs targetted like that...those big springs are apparently a result of Commercial closures on west coast Van Isl...for conservation..and here they are flossed out of river..give them a chance..

Thanks again annonymouse...I find it hard to believe I am getting pounded and turned into shark food for my veiws on flossing...
If the snaggers were all over me I could understand it...


JJ, as you probably noted, your post was not deleted and you have this tribune to say what you think is right. Your flames probably cost our site some visitors though ...

JJ, if you care about the art of sport fishing - take the lead, give a good example of proper fishing, weather it is bar fishing or fly fishing or anything else. Show people how they can learn new fishing methods and techniques.

SharpHooks offers you a great opportunity - here you can post graphically rich fishing reports, showing particular fishing spots, which lures/flies to use and so on.

This positive input will give a better perspective to people who are just learning the art of sport fishing.

With your 50 years of experience I bet you can do a lot of good and bring a lot to the table! Do it!

what does snagging fish mean

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