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Author Topic: psst...Hows the fishing on the Vedder now, as of Oct 2 2014?

Pretty blanket question; but i"m curious. I spoke to a few people and they are saying the vedder is still quiet. Not a lot fish in yet. The rains did not bring in the big numbers and the fraser is still producing.

Even this youtube video Sep 28 suggests the same:

Plus it's also pretty ununsual the lack of postings about the vedder her on Sharphooks.

Anyone having any luck lol? Or is it really that quiet.

The river looks like this lol:

i just came back from the vedder. water is decent but the amount of fish just hasn't been there unless your after springs....lots of springs around. coho are off the bite most of the day. I used mostly roe and float as hardware was useless.

Some times when its good early season people that are in the know don't say anything to avoid the masses if you know what I mean.

People always ask. Its onviously got fish right now. Its october, there has to be fish. How good is anyones bet. Even if they had a good day it could be shit the next. Its early in oct and itll only get better. Go check it out

Not meaning to be rude but thats like asking for a weather report. Who the hell knows, its rain season now but it may be sunny.

It's been tough out there. I'm not just saying that to keep guys off the river because I know it won't happen. I'm pretty dead against reports too but in this case if I can save some people some gas money then it's ok.

As for that video you posted, that guy is trash. Why the hell is bottom bouncing and proud of keep a boot chinook? People are going to see that video and think it's ok to bounce the vedder. Yeah it's legal but it's also pathetic.
Coho slayer

I was out on Saturday after noon fishing the high tide at the vedder mouth some coho jumping but for a very short period of time. Lots of guys fishing but only saw 2 landed and a couple lost well anyways good luck fishing

Fished today at KWB, pretty slow unless you hit the pools. Spent most of my 7 hours fishing watching the action from the was that much more entertaining.

So did you see much fishing coming thru/caught past the bridge?

Fish moved through. Caught vs "caught" is a different topic

"Fish moved through. Caught vs "caught" is a different topic'

I completely hear you.

Weather says sunshine until at least weekend. damn.

I'll be tossing some blades and roe in the lower/middle in the AM.
Will report back.

hey goin fishin whats your email?

plenty of fish in the river. go find em.i got limits sat and sun by 9 am back home by 11!!. mid sat and lower sun.lotsa springs too

A ton of springs! Watched them bully the coho all day long. If it's coho your after you gotta hunt em. Chum are in there too in good numbers. Heading out Wednesday with a friend. Will report back then.

Verry good fishing on the canal down stream of KW bridge this morning.
landed a small marble, a big spring, a small coho hatchery, 2 big chums.
Kept the marble and coho.
Short floating yarn with some scent worked great for me

It's a foggy morning out here. I'm geared up, waiting for a bit of daylight to start casting borax cured roe. Can hear the lunkers making lots of noise in the shadows. Only saw 1 guy on the drive in and arrived at my private(for now) small bar with a few holes around. Will post again when my fishing is done.


Had a few takes on roe at first light, then the bite was off for about 40minutes. Lots of fish moving through and making noise. Around 810 I hooked into a green chum doe, she got off. Next cast, that beauty chromer doe. Water is low and clear.

Most action was on a small hammered brass Colorado.


Thanks for the update.

I was upstream today trying to repeat a great day on Saturday (1 hoe, 4 Chinook and 2 chum and plenty lost). However today fishing was slow, with only one to hand and a long line release (both dark Chinook). Plenty of fish showing in the deeper holes but all look pretty stale. I guess for the moment need to head down river to find the fresher fish waiting for rain to come up further.

Do you think the rain tomorrow and and Friday will help turn things on???

Yes, if you catch it early enough before the river blows out, which it may do.

Well the Rain finally came; looks like high water for a few days. I had a buddy who used to go out in conditions like this and fish back channels and super close to shore.

Was there yesterday. Some fish being caught. Water cleared up fast. Need more rain.
Serpentine slayer

Fishing is good pulled 3 chum out 1 coho all chum released still need some more rain

Fishing was good yesterday (Oct 19) in the morning. Caught nice spring just above Vedder bridge on colarado blade under float and had a few more bites.

found a website with chilliwack webcams:

anyone been out today? monday...hows the water. apart from wet/cold lol

Hooked into 3 Coho and a nice Jack Spring a few days back and on the weekend on the fraser hooked over 12 Coho and landed 7 they are starting to show up with the rain we are getting,Tight lines!!

Fishing forum > psst...Hows the fishing on the Vedder now, as of Oct 2 2014?


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