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Gonna put some more time in on this technique this year.Iv'e done well for chum,pinks and steelhead over the years,but never really put enough time for coho.My question is this
What is people's favorite colour or or pattern for coho.

Looking for first hand experience.Please don't regurgitate something you've read on another site.

Pics would be great too

Coho love jigs.. in almost any colour or size at times. My all time favorite would deffinately be a plain jig head.. with a white mistertwister curly tail grub on it. the size of the jig head all depends how deep you are fishing. pink.. black and yellow curly tails are great too. just bomb them out there into some frog water(slower water) let it sink ..lift rod tip .. drop the rod tip and reel the slack. mariboo jigs work great for coho too but I would deffinately go with a mistertwister

I do not have any experience jigging jigs directly if you get my drift. But short floating has worked for me usually when fishing for chum. So purple over pink, pink on pink (different shades) and white over pink, usually with a silver bead.

Size 0/1 for the chum and 1 for Coho.


I have short floated jigs, as well as hop jigs for coho with some good success. I like silver jig head, with lightblue and white marabou, and a few peices of silver flash. Another would be the black and blue marabou with some blue flash. Orange and white, with white flash. And then orange and black with clear flash.
If you are hoping jigs make sure you give it enough action, then a pause. You may need to try different speeds or retreival as well as how long you pause.
Those are just a few that I always make sure i go out with.
Chartruese, reds, pinks, work also.

Thanks all.Guess I'll be raiding my sons tackle box for some white curly tails and tying up some blues.
And yes,I meant no float.

None for me on the jig so far, but I haven't found myself in the best conditions so far.I managed a handful of days earlier in the month before the rains and haven't been able to get out since.
Hoping to get some time over the next few weeks.My favorite patch of frog water usually pics up in November .
From what I've seen and heard so far, coho are on the slow side.

I have also not had much time with coho on jigs but have landed my first on a bright pink and white jig

When using a jig; I understand that you are supposed to attach the jig DIRECTLY to the main line.

Can you also fish a jig effectively by using a swivel and leader attached to the main line? My issue is I have braid and if I get a snag it may be a problem breaking line. Thanks

Yes you can use a swivel to attach a leader if you are using braid. Try to find one fairly small it is suprising what the barrel swivels are rated for their size. Also try a loop knot to attache the jig to the line, it gives it more action in the water as the jig can free float and move without something cinched onto it.

skip the swivel and double uni knot mono or flouro, use at least 10 WRAPS and a drop of crazy glue

Or use the Alberto knot to tie fluoro or mono leader to mainline braid. The is small enough to cast/retrieve thru the eyes of your rod, unlike a swivel. It is easy to tie and after a couple of practices I was comfortable tying one up in the field in no time

I have always fished a jig under a float. What i am getting from this thread is no float, is this correct? If so i am geussing you would just cast and retrieve like a spoon is this also correct??

Not like a spoon, you "twitch" it. Cast out, let it sink lift rid tip, reel slack, let sink bit, lift tip, reel slack, repeat... Bent rod has a good video on YouTube on twitching jigs for coho

Nice fish Dump! I went to chahalis on the weekend and the last big rain a couple weeks ago blew out a wall and filled a fav. Spot!!! stopped in the hatch and they counted 7 hoes in their tanks but loads of chum so many that they were spearing them out of the tanks lol should be a late push sometime soon!!!

This was my first year giving jigs a serious workout and I was especially pleased with the results by twitching/hopping them through frog water. Of course, the frog water was infested with woody debris, but when the jig head and twister tail grub are costing less than 35 cents a unit you can afford to take the risks. I lost about 10 jigs per outing but the results were worth it. What is ironic is that I was using the exact same rig that I used on walleye almost 30 years ago back in Ontario. In fact, the jig heads have been sitting in my tackle box for 30 years. The twister tail grubs are new, but chartruese is the same colour I used to entice ol' marble eyes with. Kind of retro

I hooked 7 coho on this chartreuse jig last Friday. One of the fish I landed was my biggest coho to date, a hatch buck over 10 pounds. I thought the chartreuse colour would have been a bit over the top in the clear water, but apparently not.

My vest will be a bit fuller with twister tails next season!

Ya i have the same chartruse mctrwister grub things lol never put much time with them but heard nany good things same as the white ones with a pink head

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