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pitt lake in pitt meadows

is it good for fishing?

what bait to use?

what fish are in there?

what should i know about it?

Yes Pitt lake is full of Trout Salmon and Whitefish. The best types of lures to use would be trout eggs, fake eggs, plastic and real worms, and spinners. From the entrance to the lake you'll find Ayla Canoes Rentals. Their great. You can rent a canoe for the day for about $30 bucks and fish right off the boat near the rockey North Side. Loads of trout right there. Ive been going there for a few years now and its accually one of those secret spots to fish that no one expects to find good fishing. Very close from home i strongly recomend Pitt Lake.
Ive added a picture of a good setup to troll for trout. Good Luck!
Lucas Paprocki
Burnaby BC

is there any good fishing from shore near the boat launch?
The Yak

the lower Pitt system also has some very big Sturgeon. Some friends of mine were into one on Sunday past, about a six footer but it broke off...

The Yak

Captian bonk...Please STOP YELLING!

thanks captain bonk! is it best on high water or low tide? never fished it so don't really know!

Any tips for flyfishing this lake?
The Yak

Fish the creek mouth and feeder streams for Cutthroat using chum fry patterns. If you're fishing for Sturgeon then Ooligans are the bait to use right now. But the fishing for Sturgeon is a little slow right now... give it a few more weeks.

does this site have map info on Pitt Lake?
I try'd to use your "search" with no luck.
Sturgeon Rider

I heard pitt lake is hot right now for dollies in the northern part of lake.Use roe for bait.

Just got back from pitt lake last night and it was beautiful . The fishing continues to be good with gear/spinn casting. I would recomend using a boat and head for the rocky point across the boat launch. Worms work like gold as well as spinners and wedding-bands. the fish seem to be biting around noon and 4- 8 pm.
I mean we werent getting really big fish but the ones we were getting were alot. ive noticed people on here ask about fishing spots where they can hook into alot of fish. well then give this spot a try. i guarantee you'll have fun.


the last post was mine....

what the hell kinda fish is that?


what do you mean??? its a f**kn skwa!!

try the first perimeter of the first island in side the lake caught a 4 pounder trolling along the bottom ........havent been since last july lost my boat on the bridge and cracked the motor mount so you guys will be spared the humilliation of me landin the big ones.haha
have fun fellas

shizzy, the first island on pitt lake is called "goose island", this is the one your talking about right? well i was up there the other day and just so happend to fish the exact spot your speaking of. the rock face on the sunny side. well didnt seem to be anything there man. but you know some days are better than other for fishing, so mabey i'll give it a try again. i just bout a fish finder for my boat so when thats installed im going right back out there.

Hey Guys, I thought I would post on here as I am in Coquitlam and would like to find some fishing buddies. I moved down here from Prince George, and I came across this site and thought, this is how I can meet some friends, who fish!

Anyone interested in fishing, can look me up on KIK messenger for phones and I am cjebc.

If anyone has any other suggestions how to get out, post a reply.

Hi Cjebc

I am looking for someone to fish with.
If anyone looking for someone to fish with let me know


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