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Hi I was wondering if any1 could explain to me whats the limit of trout on lake if lake is not listed in a list from regulations .

for example rice lake and devil`s lake ... they are not in list . and according to regulations I can keep 4 trouts or 2 ?!

Some lakes have an exception of 2 per day but most is 4.

I believe that 99% of region 2 lakes are 2 a day quota.

sorry but there should be no believing about the regs.
nor should anyone be asking for or giving advice without having read the regs carefully.
The original post was asking for an explanation as the member had read the regs. I applaud this !The meber appears to know what to look for but was not sure. Again I applaud you for being sure. to check a lake or stream you must first check the regional restrictions which you have done. Region 2 has a limit of 4 fish per day in lakes with no minimal size limit. there is a limit , however, of one fish over 50 cm. The next step is to see if the lake or stream is listed specifically. if it is the special restrictions may in fact over -ride the regional restrictions . I do not have a set of regs in front of me to give you an example but , especially in the interior, some lakes may have size limits (trophy lakes) , c+r, one or two fish per day or whatever. You say Rice lake is not listed . I did not check myself but assuming it is not listed then the regional rules apply.............of course, before looking at the regional rules, you must read the provincial laws on fishing.

Trout/char: 4, but not more than
1 over 50 cm (2 hatchery • steelhead over
50 cm allowed)
• 2 from streams (must be hatchery)
• 1 char (bull trout, Dolly Varden, or lake
And you must release:
• Wild trout/char from streams
• All wild steelhead
• Trout/char under 30 cm from streams
(must be hatchery)
Note: There is no general minimum size
limit for trout in lakes

that's from regulations ... just because fishing AT the lake NOT includes streams , does that consider to be 2 fish ?!
How does the wild/hatchery thing is working ?! u allowed to keep www or hhh ?!
regulations are so tricky ... so I just want to make sure before I go to any lake ...

p.s. also regulations do not include some other fish like bass , pike and etc .... can any1 try to explain to me that ?!

im sorry , but that wasn't answer to my question , but I got a hint ... but I still cant figure out hows the regulations work ... for me it just don't make any sense if : not listed here , but listed there , but u can double check it over there ... the missing link is "double check it over there"

Rice lake is in the regs, limit is 2 fish per day.

ok , lets make it more simple . which 2 fish ? wild , hatchery , char , sizewise ?!

Reason why I said "believe" was I didn't not have my reg book on me.

Alexfromrichmond, your question was concerning how many fish you can keep in a lake. the answer in all lakes in Region 2 is 4 fish, one of which may be over 50 cm UNLESS the lake is listed with a special restriction. you asked about Rice Lake, saying it was not listed however another member pointed out it is listed with a limit of 2 per day. YOU HAVE TO CHECK CAREFULLY.
As for what kind of fish you can keep in a lake, the regs say 4 trout or char, one of which may be a char/lake trout and only one fish over 50 cm. there is no stipulation as to wild or otherwise in the lakes in region 2 (unless it is specifically restricted in the list of course ). The restriction for wild fish is strictly in streams. I think you are also asking how to tell a wild v hatchery fish. hatchery fish have their adipose fin removed. The explanation, along with a photo of an adipose fin, is included in the regs.
we all realize the regs can be confusing but you have to try to make sense of them rather than saying they are silly. based on your follow-up questions I wonder if you are really trying to understand!

ty cagey for making this idiot proof .
maybe 1 of the reasons why I still can get it is that English is my second language and some words I never seen/used which are connected with fishing termins .

I`d rather double/triple check and get a "easy English answer" than doing something like "illegal" .

ty again for ur rime . gl fishing :P

p.s. checked ur photos ) those fishies r insane ))) wanna teach me fishing ? or give some tips ?

btw I did messed up with rice and devils lakes , my bad , I meant devils is not listed in regs ...

I realized English is your 2nd language but .... those pictures are just springs . they are not as pretty as they are down at the coast but they still taste great !
you caught 2 coho you said. I think you are doing just fine. just keep fishing but keep the regs in mind. and by all means feel free to ask when you do not understand but look and think about the regs before fishing !
I think Aaron can help you but , if you have 2 'hos on your resume you might also be able to help him! he sounds like he good fishing partner as he loves fishing. put in the time and you will learn plus enjoy fishing........great pastime!

Fishing forum > Lake day limits


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