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Davie Mcphail on youtube is great.
Tim Camissa has some good 2 minute ties on youtube.
Have some books that i have used but you can find everything on youtube pretty much.

check out lots of patterns there.

Try here, old but very good

my fav guy to learn from on utube is jay nicholas from caddis fly shop..he ties wicked flies and i find its easy to follow..looks like hes a old hippy like me and likes to blaze one before tying

some excellent suggestions. wish I had a computer when I was learning. I still do not have one near my tying desk.
I learned from an excellent starting book, The Art Of Fly Tying by John Van Vliet. I would still highly recommend it . great explanations of the basics. if you are like me it is nice to have each step clearly set out when learning something.
from there I started visiting web sites. the one mr jeff recommended was helpful. I then got Phil Rowley's book,Fly Patterns for Stillwaters. I found it extremely helpful so that now I can watch a u-tube or other such venue and then sit down and tie one. sure is a nice feeling to have a fly boxes filled with flies you are proud to show off (and also to enjoy catching lots of fish on your efforts !)
i'll definitely have to check out Mike's site. the guy seems to know how to get in the mood !!
I have one suggestion. find a friend who ties to share supplies with you. lots of supplies that you "have to have" last two guys a year or two. by splitting the costs it would sure help and give you more selection. wish I had someone to share with ! it can get a bit costly, like a kid in a candy store when you visit the local fly tying supply store !

Davie Mcphail is all you need.

And don't forget the $ stores. They have beads, feathers, ostrich quils, etc. Also look out for dead birds, had a few hit my glass on the deck. Know anyone who keeps chickens, a great source as well, and knowing a hunter will get you more stuff.

Happy new fishing year.

Mike, that helps me focus more and tie better flys every time

Looks very good to me. I have found that if the tail is too long you could get bites on the tail and not the hook. Remember that it is not how good the fly looks to you. The action of the fly in the water is important. I have found that adding eyes adds to the action but you will develop your own theories. Try all flies that you tie and be experimental. Trying to outwit a fish is what we are trying to do and not to create a work of art.

Fishing forum > New to Fly Tying


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