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hey guys i am heading to comox for christmas and wondering if their are any good rivers in the area to try my luck for some steely's? any advice is much appreaciated

The Stamp ,Cowichan and Gold are probably the only ones that anyone will offer up on a forum.You would be about midway between Stamp and Gold.Stamp would be your best bet at hooking up.The drive will be about 75-90 min
Maybe Mike can help you a bit more

I've only actually fish for steel in my north end rivers..except for the cowichan last xmas..saw a few caught there.
pretty much every river(stream) will have steel in it eventually..some are early ..some are late.
I word i kept hearing last season was SLOW. seemed like mid to south island were very slow.
the stamp i hear is hard to fish without a boat
I'd give my left nut to fish the gold at xmas..
Im sure there must be some likley spots around comox.
a van isle backroad mapbook will tell you alot more than i can.

goodluck and tightlines

thanks for the input, will see what i can come up with for a boat while iam over their. hopefully i will come home with some pics

FYI , unless you are a guide, there is a power restriction on the Stamp.
I don't recommend boating or drifting the river unless someone in the group has prior experience .There is a decent trail from the gun club up, and other known spots you can access on foot.The Falls pool being the most popular .Expect a little company.
If you know a bit about steelhead, your chances aren't bad.
Watch for the bait boundary at Girlguide falls

Fishing forum > island steelhead


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