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just wondering if anyone else follow the moon phases when targeting steelhead/salmon ?

I sure do..and find the steelhead way more agressive on the full and new moon

I notice them but I don't plan steelhead trips around them.I can't say if I believe they make fish more aggressive , but I do think higher numbers of fish will enter a system on a new or full moon.( big tide)

I'll take a dropping river after a good rain over a prime moon phase any day.Years ago,I asked a guy at a tackle shop if he paid attention to the lunar charts.His answer..."I don't wanna know when the fishing is gonna be poor"

On lakes, I notice the fishing is better the days prior to a full moon rather than on it.

I've been experimenting with the local Solunar chart when salmon fishing this year and found it pretty accurate: not only in predicting the best days, but also the best times of day.

You can find tide information for locations throughout BC at the following site:

It suggests the best fishing times based on tide and sun and lunar positions. Apparently today between 7-8 am was a very good time!

Unfortunately I do not fish enough to be able to make a cause and effect comparison with tides and success.

Great thread and I would be interested in opinions.

PS just checked for tomorrow and it indicates very high activity all day tomorrow. Damn I think I'm coming down with a head cold and need to spend a day in the fresh air, on a river tomorrow to recuperate. What do all you internet doctors say?

Fishing forum > moon phases


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