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hello fishing community,

I am a first time poster and new to this wonderful site!

anyhow I was at haarrison river today and landed two coho (1 hatchery, 1 wild) I let em both go because they were pretty coloured and I figured its better to just let them spawn.

My question is has anyone been to chehalis lately? if so is their any chrome lurking around still as this system tends to have a bit of a later run than the vedder/fraser etc..

"a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work"
Zap brannigan

best off searchng for early steel, if theres a bump in water a few more fish will push into a few of the rivers but late ho's are few in number and almost all wilds.

been getting a few late ho's over the last week or so, just dont target spawing and coloured fish, fresher fish will be mostly found in lower reaches of the rivers and when its lower and colder like it is now very few will be trickling in.

envious of 3 "chrome" coho?

maybe I will go to chehalis saturday. If it rains a bit thurs friday I might try and target some late chrome. If Everything looks coloured up then I might just take the 4wt with me and c&r some cutties on a single egg n flesh patterns.

Im honestly just itching to get out anywhere and get the line wet!

You do not need a steelhead tag to fish the Chehalis at this time. Page 7 of the freshwater regs states "All anglers required to buy a basic angling licence must also purchase a
Classified Waters Licence before fishing on a stream during the period when it is classified. This licence is required in addition to the basic angling licence and any other stamps
required by regulation. Also note that a Steelhead Conservation Surcharge Stamp is required at all times when fishing for steelhead, or when fishing classified waters during the period when steelhead are known to be present. The specific times when a Steelhead Stamp is mandatory are listed in the Water-Specific Tables for each Region" So for the Chehalis it is only required if you plan on fishing for steelhead since it is not a Classified Waters system.
Yes there are late coho in there as well, there is a run that comes in around Boxing day.

yes my steelhead tag is purchased, I purchase it every year Dec 1. To be quite honest I usually only fish steelhead at the vedder due the the significantly larger return. My trip to chehalis will be primarily for late run coho and if I have no luck cutties with the 4wt fly rod. I know a cpple years back I was at chehalis just before christmas and caught several wild coho that were still extremely chrome. So there is in fact a late original question was essentially has anyone been up there lately and noticed if this late run was in already

and Doppelganger I couldn't agree your steelhead tags people....

Doppleganger, you are obviously depriving a village somewhere of an idiot! You don't need a steelhead tag fishing the Vedder or Chehalis, read the regs! I fly fish using a 4 wt normally with 4lb tippet targeting cutthroat, resident rainbows, bulls and whitefish, have been checked by CO's and they have no problem with it. Get over it, it's perfectly legal.

Did I misread something? He is using a 4 wt fly rod with a 4lb tippet and he is targeting steelhead?
stink finger

A pair of glasses I think I have caught chrome hatchery cohos in Chehalis up till Christmas for years

Fishing forum > late season coho


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