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I am looking to take up fly fishing and have done a ton of research into what I want, I figured maybe people have stuff they want to sell. I was thinking of getting

Switch rod 6 or 7 wt, 11+ feet long, mediumhard action

Single action reel with some simple drag system

Floating line, maybe 2 wt heavier than the switch rod

What do you guys think? I will be trout fishing, up to a 3 lbs trout, maybe steelhead in the cap, maybe salmon in the cap.
Zap brannigan

No need for a switch rod unless you plan on swinging flies and 2 handed casting, save some money and pick up a single handed rod, 8wt should be fine for salmon, 5wt would be fine for trout.

There is no 'do it all' rod 8wt would be doable for trout but not ideal at all, and a 5wt is way under gunned for salmon.

zap is right.
if you have never fly fished..i'd stick with the single handed rod.or even start with a switch..but take some casting lessons..
my first rod was ideal..a 9ft 8wt dragonfly ..good begginer rod at a decent price.perfect for steel and salmon..
then i went to a 4/5wt switch rod fpr trout and pinks
then i went to a 7wt switch for steel/salmon you see a pattern here?.its so just want more and more!!

if theres one thing i wish i did when i started out was to take a casting lesson or two.

welcome to the world of flyfishing !!

If you are interested in fly casting lessons, I bought an extra groupon for 2 people 3 hours of lessons all gear is supplied if needed. It's 130 bucks. If you are interested or want more info, send me a message.

I don't think I need lessons thanks though.

what haha, beer, smokes, and fishing with seal bombs? Or just using seal bombs lol. They are like dynamite ! 40lb monsters damn.

Dude, get lessons. trust me. you'll spend less time hooking your own ass and more time with a fly in the water. Be prepared for some asshattery on the vedder though, some people get right ripped that you swing flies instead of float or centerpin. Start with a 6 wt singlehander, load it with a good reel and a rio versitip system. it'll run you around 500$ at fred's.

Best species to learn on is trout or humpies. humpies snap at anything. 'hos and dog's are a might pickier. make sure you learn to read water too and pick your sink tip wisely. Stay away from the gearheads, you wont catch shit. that about sums it up.

also there is a feller with the handle HKSR selling 2 really good rods on a previous thread, contact him..

Well my younger brother fly fishes and he can teach me for free, I just don't see him often. I wanted to get a fly rod and practice myself in an open area a bit then meet up with him in a couple weeks.
Zap brannigan

Can pick up rod and reel combos under 200 bucks, maybe a 5-6 weight and some good cutty patterns will get you started.

Sloughs and backwaters will have cutties, as the eggs hatch and fry emerge from the gravel closer to the spring there will be some cutties in some of the rivers.

If it's still available, I'm interested in the fly casting lessons! Can you forward me the details?



Fly Fishing is the most expensive way to fish because you always want better gear and once you learn how to do it right you want better and as you prob already no switch or spey rods are twice even three times the price of your average fly rod right now if you are in the chillibush area lol or abby area Freds custom bait and tackle has a Sage 1800 series real on for 89.00 smoking deal and all redington gear is on 30% off cant go wrong with a lifetime warrenty

Ended up being so damn indecisive about all the different variations for a fly rod that my girl bought me a 6wt amundson canada fly rod. Was 99 bucks and she got me some nice sink tip too for it. I am already getting the hang of casting ! I practiced without flies for a few hours then my first trip out I popped 3 flies off into oblivion haha. I heard a POP and they disappeared. My last few trips out though I spent equal time with flies and with spinning rods. It's not THAT hard! Quite fun! No luck with it yet catching fish but I have been fishing the Fraser mostly tidal.. Not much fish around right now any who thanks for all the help
Zap brannigan

Glad it all worked out, good starter rod and a local company.

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