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Author Topic: New members looking for roe curing techniques.

With the chum season now upon us and people looking to cure some roe I thought I'd put together a simple thread for people who want to cure their roe but have never done it before.

As most of you know there are endless ways to do this as youtube and google are a man's second best friend {the trustworthy pooch being #1}.

I myself cure roe many different ways but this is just one way I find to be SUPER EASY, SUPER QUICK, SUPER NON MESSY, and works very very well, so here ya go.

First off, this is what you'll need.

Roe from salmon{s}
Measuring spoon
Shaker bottle {empty spice bottle is good}
Strawberry Jello Powder {peach or raspberry works too}
Pro Cure Borax Special process {fluorescent flame}
Pair of surgical gloves
X Large zip lock bag


Mix 3 to 1 borax with jellow powder using a 1/4 cup measuring spoon.

You'll need to mix 3 or 4 of these up through this entire process but it's super quick to do.

Dump the first batch all over the spread out newspaper

Lay down your roe chunks on the newspaper, you can do whole skeins but I find this easier to handle, just make sure you don't cut them too small to begin with.

dump another whole batch of mix on top of the roe chunks

Now grab each piece and with another mixed batch sprinkle in between the roe flaps until all pieces are covered entirely.

Grab the zip lock bag and place roe inside, shake all the mix on the newspaper inside the bag also.

Close the bag all the way except for the last bit, blow it up and close so that there is a puffy bag with all the roe inside.

Tumble in your hands gently for a minute or so

Place in refrigerator overnight

Take out in the morning and tumble again, then open the bag and carefully close it up again, squeezing {not too hard, don't crush the eggs}all the air out, then double it up with another bag.

This will keep in your fridge for a long time, you can separate the roe into batches that you find are the right amount for your fishing trip and freeze it in individual containers or whatever way you want.

With this process you have no messy juice to deal with and the color of the roe is fantastic as well as smelling awesome, the fish love it and I'm sure you will too.

When using roe I go by what type of water it is as well as what the visibilty is like.

Usually it's like this,

big and dirty water = big chunks

small and clear water = small chunks

Good fishing to you all.




great post !!! my local river opens for bait on dec 1..I've been collecting roe from work and just boraxed them and some ive just salted..havnt tried the dye yet might give it a shot..
how many pounds of egg do ya think I can dye with a container of dye?
Im pretty lucky to work where I can get all the roe I want

on a side note..the hatchery guys did a net to get some coho ..and found a steel and a sockeye!!! so stoked tp get my steel addiction going!!

great post..thanks
Zap brannigan

I just use plain borax it's simple quick and works awesome.

That's all good and everything Zap, I was just making this thread for people that wanted to try a different way, I'm glad that your 'way' works for ya. I think I already mentioned in the first post that I cure roe many ways but I'm not posting them all on here, {hint hint}

@ SteelheadMike, That jar in the picture should do a couple large batches of roe, IE: probably 8 to 10 fish, here or there.

Just so everybody is clear,

You can have as much roe at your dwelling home as you want,


You can only have up to 1kg on your possession while on the flow, unless you have receipts for it from a licensed retailer or have the freshly dressed fish in your possession from where the roe came from.

thanks bently !
just read your other post about the roe worried for a min about my freezer stash..
I had to chuckle about the 1kg limit...cant imagine needing even close to 1kg in a day

Back in the day when I used to seine for fall dogs in the straights we always had a good amount of roe at home, and ya, no way I could use a full kg of roe while out fishing for a day. Besides, come this winter if I'm not using the double handed rod then I'm using bugs for the most part anyways.

great post Bently. hope you do not mind but I bumped up another thread started by ethicalbonker in which you gave a lesson on curing roe. both great threads!

thx bently! you should do a quick video of the process too - put it on youtube.

"Now grab each piece and with another mixed batch sprinkle in between the roe flaps until all pieces are covered entirely."

This part a little unclear - grab each piece of roe? or newspaper? thx

Yes, each piece of roe.

Here it is again for you,

Sprinkle newspaper with full shaker bottle of mix,

Lay your roe down on the paper, I like the membrane down.

Sprinkle another full shaker bottle on top of roe.

Now grab another full shaker bottle of mix and sprinkle in between the egg flaps of each piece, be very generous.

This way ALL of the eggs get covered with the mix, not just the outsides.

Hope this helps ya, and BTW, if you want to, you can experiment with other flavors of jellow powder, I used peach the first time and it turned out fantastic with awesome results, both for coho and steelhead, but I'm sure any species of fish that likes roe will eat this up also.

I'm bringing this back to the top because I'm going to try it this wknd.

Thanks again for posting this.

I'm looking at buying roe that has already been cured w/ Borax. Is it too late to add your mixture? Thanks again.

My favourite way of curing and it explains it step by step

Curing Salmon Roe:

Fishing forum > New members looking for roe curing techniques.


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