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Author Topic: A centre pin reels as cool as they look?

I'll spend some money tomorrow on a new reel, but, I watch the guys with those centre pins in the river and it just looks like they are the kings. I know how many back lashes I got figuring out my Abu; are these site ups where it's at? I understand by watching the rods look different as well. Fred's has a few behind glass that look like hand guns for fisherman. Am I wrong thinking this way? Used just for salmon.

Thanks for your time.

The new guy


You can catch just as many fish with a baitcasting set up.I remember a handful of years ago there was really only a few centerpin reels being used and now every meat head has one-heck, some bozos even have pink and purple ones.I do like my talisman but it does not catch anymore fish over my other reels.

I was all set on getting a sweet centerpin set up for this winters steel..but my wallet had a different 2 weeks ago i picked up a bait caster combo..hooked into coho on my first outing with it..I like it..takes some time to get used to it tho..probally in feb ill get the pin i want..just in time when my rivers really heat up!!
our local tackle shop is shutting down at the end of the year and are putting stuff on sale..yesterday my bro bought their last Islander Steelheader looks awesome on his custom lamiglass...sooo

I prefer to fish with the centre pin over the bait caster I find i get a better drift with it. But you can catch fish on any set up.... Playing fish on a centre pin is bit more of a challenge so its more fun that way aswell.

First of all, it's not COOL to fish with a centerpin reel, that's not why they were made. They were made to simply let the line flow as naturally as possible so that the offering also looks as natural as can be, nothing more, nothing else.

Good baitcasting reels do the same thing {depending on the reel}, it's just preference as to what you like using.

Some like the baitcaster for the simple fact that you can outnumber a CP reel in casts with a baitcaster and "cover more water" in your day at the flow. I don't think this way but that's irrelevant right now. Playing a fish using a CP reel is much more fun IMHO as opposed to using a baitcaster, but both are excellent reels to use in most rivers around the lower mainland.

Pre war click pawl reels is where it's at though as I like the old growl they give when a double digit steelhead goes for an "after burner" run, yee f---ing haw, now that's some fun.

I appreciate the advise. I'll stick with a bait cast. I'll have every screw updated thou. We spent the day up the vedder and was just amazed by the size of the Springs and Chums coming down. Believe me people we live in the best fishing place on earth. I finally tangled with a coho by the campground with the huge bolder. I used a small Colorado blade with about 3 marble sized splits ors up the line about 1 1/2". The fish hit and launched in the air 3 times. I was so amazed at this beast! Wow. No I didn't land it, it hit the current and that was all she wrote.


Zap brannigan

baitcaster is more flexible as you can toss spoons and spinners as well as float fish, with a pin your float fishing only, the drifts are generally better on a pin butt the retreival speed is quite a bit slower on a pin than a baitcaster setup giving you more drifts in a day with the casting gear potentially covering more water, they're both pretty easy to cast taking a day or two to learn to cast properly but the pin is gonna take a bit to learn to properly fight a fish where as the casting reel all you reallly need is a good drag setting.

so as you see both systems have their differences its all prefereance to wich one you prefer ones not really better than the other and i switch back and forth on different days.

Fishing forum > A centre pin reels as cool as they look?


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